Can phones detect the onset of mental health problems?

Can phones detect the onset of mental health problems?

Digital phenotyping can detect behavioral patterns from our text messages, movements, and even your speech and could transform health care.

Digital Phenotyping tracks users behavior through a smartphone app which monitors social interactions, physical movements and the tone of the users voice when using voice commands, in order to provide early diagnosis of depression so as to prevent it from escalating.

Companion MX is an app based on the concept of digital phenotyping which uses data collected from cellphones to monitor patients mental health.

The Instil Digital Phenotyping Platform (Under Development) is a secure Google-cloud based architecture and native mobile SDK for both Android and iOS that allows the continuous collection of sensor, cognitive test and self-reported data from the smartphones of research participants and patients. Instil is a key component of the Black Dog Institute’s work on digital phenotyping – the continuous measurement of behavior for the purposes of predicting mental health outcomes and is being used as part of the landmark Future Proofing Study.

Studies showing the efficacy of Digital phenotyping

Digital phenotyping for mental health of college students: a clinical review This pilot studies demonstrated that digital devices are already being used to collect data on college student mental health over time in a way that single time point surveys cannot.

Can Digital Medicine Diagnose and Treat your health issues?

Yes it is possible digital medicine can diagnose and treat your health conditions. Various therapeutic and diagnostic apps and bots are there in the market which are either in use or under development.

These digital apps can detect or monitor mental and physical disorders independently and administer therapies as well when needed. Digital medicine is the software which can enhance traditional medical care and support patients when access to health care is limited especially in the current scenario of covid19 pandemic.

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