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Energy Healing Techniques For Psoriasis Treatment

Energy Healing Techniques are promising for healing the psychological reasons behind skin disorders like Psoriasis.

We have outlined some best energy healing techniques for Psoriasis treatment. You can start using this as complements along with your current treatments initially, and depending on the results you can switch to the best option.

Pranic Healing in the Treatment of Psoriasis

Pranic healing is the natural and effective way of healing skin disorders like Psoriasis. Pranic healing heals the disorder at the energy body level, by using the life force prana.

Front and back solar plexus, liver, front and back heart chakra, basic chakra, minor chakras of hands and legs, front and back spleen, navel chakra, throat chakra, crown, forehead, ajna and back head chakras should be properly cleansed and energized for the treatment of psoriasis.

Please browse here for the pranic healing protocol for the treatment of psoriasis.

Agnihotra in the Treatment of Psoriasis

Agnihotra is highly effective in treating Psoriasis. Also performing agnihotra at home daily relieves the mind from tension, stress, anxiety, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy and makes the mind full of love.

Agnihotra also heals the psychological causes of Psoriasis and revitalizes the skin. For more information and benefits of agnihotra visit "Agnihotra" link.

Please visit Agnihotra ash medicine for Psoriasis for information on the procedure to prepare agnihotra ash medicine.

Please visit Agnihotra Psoriasis Healing Testimonial 1 for more information.

Reiki in the Treatment of Psoriasis

According to reiki Psoriasis is caused by virus attack on several parts of the body due to blocked energy centers.

Persons suffering from Psoriasis have blockages in different parts of the body as well as chakras. Reiki practitioners balance the effected chakras and organs to balance them so as to facilitate healthy functioning and thereby promote healing by stopping Psoriasis symptoms and restoring the natural skin texture.

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