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Natural Treatment For Atopic Dermatitis/Eczema

Atopic dermatitis or Eczema is an inflammatory, chronically relapsing, non-contagious and pruritic (that is, itchy) skin disorder.

The skin of a patient with atopic dermatitis reacts abnormally and easily to irritants, food, and environmental allergens and becomes red, flaky and very itchy. It also becomes vulnerable to surface infections caused by bacteria. The skin on the flexural surfaces of the joints (for example inner sides of elbows and knees) are the most commonly affected regions in people.

Atopic dermatitis often occurs together with other atopic diseases like hay fever, asthma and allergic conjunctivitis. It is a familial and chronic disease and its symptoms can increase or disappear over time.

Although there is no cure for atopic eczema, and its cause is not well understood, it can be treated very effectively in the short term through a combination of prevention (learning what triggers the allergic reactions) and drug therapy.

We have outlined some excellent drug free alternatives for treating Atopic dermatitis or Eczema naturally.

Nutrition Therapy in the treatment of Eczema

Nutrition Therapy is an alternative treatment for Eczema.

Eczema can be conqured by simply eliminating certain foods and adding the required food and supplements along with healthy lifestyle changes.

The food we consume can have an effect on our physical health and it is for this reason that there has been increasing interest in the role that diet plays in the development and management of eczema and its symptoms.

Though a good diet will not be able to cure eczema completely one should understand what is good and what is bad for dealing and reducing the symptoms of eczema effectively. The below resources can help you in identifying the ideal food one should consume and the food one should avoid for dealing with eczema.

Food sensitivities can have a huge impact your health and wellbeing. Sometimes, simple changes to what we eat can take the pressure off our immune system and we can begin to heal.

Aromatherapy in the treatment of Eczema

Aromatherapy can aid in the healing process of eczema through the usage of essential oils, and aromatic compounds.

Aromatherapy heals a person's mind, mood, cognitive function and there by accelerate the healing process of eczema.

Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile, Bergamot oil are considered very effective for treating Eczema.

Homeopathy for Treatment of Eczema

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy for treating Eczema.

Homeopathy aims to heal Eczema by healing the root cause of Eczema through the use of homepathic remedies suitable for the patient considering the physical, mental and emotional state of the patient.

Sulphur is used for patients who complain of excessive itching. Graphites is used when Eczema patches occur between toes or fingers, scalp and behind the ears. Natrum Muriaticum is the best remedy to treat eczema patches at the edges of hairy scalp or in bends of joints like elbow or knee joint.

Bach Flower Essence in the treatment of Eczema

Bach Flower Essence can be used as a supplementary for treating Eczema along with Homeopathy.

Beech is a perfect choice for handling allergies, eczema or itching. Crab Apple helps rid toxicity, poisoning, skin conditions, infections and body odor. Walnut protects from microbes or environmental sensitivity. Willow helps to calm some of the symptoms of over reactivity from allergies. Impatiens help with skin irritations, itching or eczema.

Dead Sea Salt Therapy in the treatment of Eczema

Dead Sea Salt Therapy can be used as a alternative treatment for treating Eczema effectively. Dead Sea therapy is the process of exposing the patient to the Dead sea water over a period of time for detoxify and clean the body.

High concentration of potassium, zinc and calcium which can naturally remove toxins and cleanse the skin and thereby improve the symptoms of eczema.

Dead Sea is surrounded by treatment facilities, resorts and spas. Thousands of visitors go throughout the year to partake in this healing environment.

Thalassotherapy is an alternative for the people who cannot visit dead sea for dead sea salt therapy. Thalassotherapy is applied in various forms, as either showers of warmed seawater, application of marine mud or of algae paste, or the inhalation of sea fog. In thalassotherapy traces of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and idodide are abosorbed through the skin. Usage of dead sea salt products like dead sea mud and creams are very effective in the treatment of eczema.

Oil Pulling in the treatment of Eczema

Oil Pulling Therapy is a natural method of Eczema treatment.

Oil Pulling is the process of rinsing the mouth with approximately one tablespoon of oil (sesame and sunflower oils are the most recommended) for 15–20 minutes on an empty stomach (before eating/drinking) and spits it out.

Apitherapy in the treatment of Eczema

Apitherapy for the treatment of Eczema comprises of application of raw honey on the effected area.

Raw honey due to its anti-bacterial nature can reduce the inflammation caused by eczema effectively.

There is scientific evidence that Manuka Honey is effective in eliminating inflammation, itching and bacteria causing infection. Manuka Honey has been considered a remedy for many health conditions since ancient times.

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