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Natural Acne Treatments

We have outlined some excellent drug free treatments for which can help heal the root cause of your Acne and lead to an effective treatment of Acne.

The below alternative treatments for acne target to heal the root cause of the acne so that the condition doesn't reoccur again and again.

Homeopathy in the treatment of Acne

Homeopathy is an effective alternative treatment for Acne. Homeopathy aims to heal the physical, mental, and emotional causes of acne by considering the patient's physical and psychological state, life history and totality of symptoms as well as traits of the patient.

Homeopathy treats acne by using homepathic remedies which are are prepared by serial dilution in alcohol or distilled water.

Homeopathic Remedies used for acne treatment are Natrum Muriaticum, Calcaria Sulphuricum, Silica, Dulcamara.

Homeopathic Remedies - Natural Cures for the Most Common Skin Diseases provides information on the many benefits of homeopathy for acne, eczema and psoriasis. This book will give all the information required to heal your skin using homeopathy.

Research showing the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment for acne.

ACNE AND ITS TREATMENT LINES @ https://urpjournals.com/tocjnls/40_13v3i1_1.pdf

Bach Flower Therapy for Acne

Bach Flower Therapy uses flower essences to heal emotional aspects associated with acne.

Crab apple is one of the most common flower remedies used for skin eruptions. Carb apple helps in cleasing and detoxification of blood and digestive tract at the physical level and deals with the mental pattern of self hatred at the mental level.

Application of rescue cream to cleansed skin can help. Add a few drops of crab apple to sufficient clean water to rinse the affected area, and use twice a day.

Bach flower therapy can be effectively used along with homeopathy.

Please browse here for the best bach flower therapy products used for the treatment of acne.

Cell Salt or Tissue Salt Therapy for Acne Treatment

Tissue Salt Therapy is an excellent alternative treatment to get rid of acne naturally.

Cell salt therapy aims to heal the deficency of cell salts in the body which cause imbalance and provoke illness and ailments including acne.Cell Salts can be very effective when used along with bach flower therapy.

Tissue salts such as Calcarea Sulph 6x(cleansing action and blood purification), Natrum Mur 6x and Natrum Sulph 6x will help are helpful for clearning skin from acne effectively. Silica can be used as a cleanser and conditioner.

Herbal Therapy for Acne Treatment

Herbs are considered as the best alternative treatment option for Acne.

Natural herbs such as Honeysuckle, Dandelion, Snake Tongue Grass help clear skin, decrease inflammation, heat and toxins from skin.

Jin Yin Hua (Honeysuckle) - Clears heat and toxins from skin in research studies for acne treatment.

Chi Shao (Red Peony), Mu Dan Pi (Moutan cortex), and Dan Shen (Salvia root) - Clear deep heat in channels of the face and move the blood.

Zhen Zhu (True Pearl) - Famous expensive herb for skin and beauty products

Neem, one of the most famous plants found throughout India, has strong health maintaining properties. Neem's traditional use is based on its detoxifying benefits that help maintain healthy circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary functions.

Chiropractic in the treatment of Acne

Chiropractic is a natural method of healing Acne through spinal chord manipulation.

Chiropractic helps in cases where the skin problem is due to nerve irritation in the spine. Chiropractic facilitates the healing process of acne by manipulating the nerve between the spinal chord and intestines.

Once the area of spine associated with the intestines is restored to normal acne starts to clear by itself.

Aromatherapy a natural remedy in Acne treatment

Aromatherapy is natural remedy for Acne which uses essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for healing a person's mind and body.

Tea tree Oil is the best known acne remedy according to aromatherapy. Aromatherapy recipe for acne treatment would be a combination of 10 drops Lavender oil, 3 drops Geranium oil, 7 drops Tea Tree Oil or lemongrass, 30ml jojoba oil or aloe vera gel.

Gently shake all the above mentioned ingredients in a bottle to mix them throughly. Apply a small amount to the affected area twice a day.

14 Essential Oils 75 Skin Problems is an excellent resource on how aromatherapy can be used to make your skin healthy and look great. This book provides information on the benefits of aromatherapy, methods of use of essential oils, precautions, as well as which carrier oils are suitable for specific skin types.

Research showing the effectivenss of aromatherapy in the treatment of acne.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy: A systemic review @ http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2221169115001033

Halotherapy in Acne Treatment

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is an excellent way of getting rid of acne naturally. Salt Therapy acts like an exfoliant by shedding dead cells and helping promote healthy oil production. Halotherapy can be carried out by exposing the patient to Halogenerators.

Usage of salt as a body scrub can eliminate dry, dead skin and it works as a great antibacterial element for acne which can be used in bath to relax muscles.

Epsom salt, is the perfect natural muscle relaxer. It is important to moisturize skin after using a salt scrub or treatment to ensure soft skin that does not get dehydrated.

Dead Sea Salt Therapy for Acne Treatment

Dead Sea Salt Therapy can be effectively used in the treatment of acne. High concentration levels of magnesium and bromide available in Dead Sea salt aid in cleansing and detoxification of the skin, which are vital in the treatment of acne.

Dead sea salt therapy is carried out by exposing the patient to Halogenerators containing Dead sea salt.

Osteopathy for Acne Treatment

Osteopathy is used in the treatment of acne through gentle manipulations to the skull, spinal column and sacral area, with the aim of restoring balance.

Practitioners of cranial osteopathy first understand the reason behind the distored functioning of the central nervous system and then by using their hands they gently adjust the cranial bones and associated soft tissues to stimulate the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, which bathes all the surfaces of the brain and the spinal cord through the gentle movement which inturn heals acne.

Research showing the effectivenss of Osteopathy in the treatment of acne.

The reflex nature of skin conditions @ http://www.british-institute-of-osteopathy.org/articles/the_reflex_nature_of_skin_conditions.aspx

Dermatology: A Specialty That Exemplifies the Osteopathic Medical Profession @ http://jaoa.org/article.aspx?articleid=2094156

Oil Pulling for Acne Treatment

Oil Pulling Therapy is a natural method of treating Acne. Oil Pulling is the process of rinsing the mouth with approximately one tablespoon of light, cold-pressed oil (sesame and sunflower oils are the most recommended) for 15–20 minutes on an empty stomach (before eating/drinking) and spits it out.

The practice of oil pulling detoxifies the tongue, which in turn, produces a purifying action on the rest of the organs within the body. Cold pressed olive oil, sesame oil or sunflower oil can be used for treating acne through oil pulling.

Research showing the effectivenss of Oil Pulling in the treatment of acne.

Does oil pulling actually work? FEMAIL gets to the bottom of ancient Ayurvedic practice that claims to whiten teeth and cure acne @ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2577751/Does-oil-pulling-actually-work-FEMAIL-gets-bottom-ancient-Ayurvedic-practice-claims-whiten-teeth-cure-acne.html#ixzz4fH5q1Mwf

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy for Acne

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is very effective in the treatment of skin disorders like acne.

3% hydrogen peroxide can be used directly onto the skin for the treatment of acne. Hydrogen Peroxide kills the bad bacteria causing acne and brings oxygen to these pores so that they heal quicker. Usage of hydrogen peroxide too often can cause skin imbalances. So, use this with caution and keep the hydrogen peroxide away from eyes.

Research showing the effectivenss of Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy in the treatment of acne.

Enzymatically generated hydrogen peroxide reduces the number of acne lesions in acne vulgaris @ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23449126

Apitherapy for Acne Treatment

Apitherapy for the treatment of acne involves the application and oral consumption of honey.

The anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of honey help cleans and sooth the affected skin. Skin care products containing honey can help improve the condition of skin gradually.

Research showing the effectivenss of Apitherapy in the treatment of acne.

Effects of cosmetics containing purified honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) venom on acne vulgaris. @ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24063779

Stress Reduction is an effective Acne Treatment

Stress could be the most probable factor for most of the emotional causes related to chronic skin disorders. It is advisable to use the any of the Stress Relief Options available at Stress Relief Section. Adapting any of the stress busters in your daily life can accelerate the healing process.

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