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Nutrition Therapy for the Treatment of Acne

Nutrition plays a vital role in healing skin disorders like Acne. We have outlined some best Nutritional Therapies for the Treatment of Acne.

We all know the importance of eating healthy food for healthy life. So, lets explore the changes required in your diet for the treatment of acne.

Nutrition Therapy in the treatment of Acne

Nutrition Therapy is regarded as an excellent alternative treatment for Acne.

There is a lot of evidence which shows the effect of the nutrition on the outlook of our skin. Through the intake of highly nutritional food and avoiding oily and processed food we can reduce acne considerably.

Foods to consume are whole plant foods, balanced eating, phytoestrogens, cocoa, omega-3 fats, gluten tolerant foods, prebiotics and probiotics.

Foods to avoid are processed food, dairy, alcohol, gluten intolerant foods.

Research showing the link between diet and acne.

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Vitamin D Therapy for Acne

Vitamin D helps keep acne bacteria in check. Vitamin D therapy can help in the case where Vitamin D deficiency could be a possible cause for acne.

It is advisable to take a vitamin D test and try to compensate the deficiency either through the intake of Vitamin D Supplements or through sunlight exposure.

Research showing the effectivenss of Vitamin D in the treatment of acne.

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Vitamin Therapy for Acne

Studies have shown that Vitamin A is an effective natural remedy for acne.

Vitamins B5 is considered as clear skin vitamin for acne as a hormonal acne breakout treatment. Because it is a water soluble vitamin it can be safely be taken at a higher dose than vitamin A, another ingredient in this best acne pills for women, men, and teens.

Niacin helps circulation in our skin and helps the body absorb vital proteins necessary to fight off oily greasy skin.

Biotin when taken along with other acne vitamins has a beneficial effect as an acne remedy for blemishes.

Probiotic Therapy for Acne

Research shows that leaky gut syndrome is very common in the people suffering with Acne. Leaky gut syndrome is caused by the presence of too muh of Candida bacteria in the intestine which disrupts proper intestinal functioning.

Probiotic Therapy provides an entire protocol involved in treating leaky gut syndrome by enhancing the growth of good bacteria through the consumption of probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus.

Probiotics can significantly improve a person's health and skin clarity.

Research showing the effectivenss of Probiotics in the treatment of acne.

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Enzyme Therapy for Acne

Digestive system imbalances cause acidity in our system which could be a probable cause for acne in some people. For such cases enzyme therapy could be the best treatment for acne.

In such cases as a first step cleansing our system through the intake of enzyme rich foods, mineralized food and green juices. We should supplement with all kinds of enzymes when we eat raw food to increase the enzyme activity and thereby normalize the functioning of digestive system.

Hormonal Therapy for Acne

Recent advances in research have helped to delineate the important role hormones play in the pathogenesis of acne. Androgens such as dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, the adrenal precursor dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, estrogens, growth hormone, and insulin-like growth factors may all contribute to the development of acne. Hormonal therapy remains an important part of the arsenal of acne treatments available to the clinician.

Research showing the link between hormonal therapy and acne.

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