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General Skin Care Tips for Acne Treatment

We have outlined some excellent general skin care tips for Acne treatment.

What kind of soaps should be used for skin with acne?

Extra care should be taken while choosing soaps for Acne skin.

The following points should be taken into consideration while choosing soap:

* Soap should match your skin type. Look for an acne cleanser that matches your skin type - oily, dry, or a combination of the two.

* Mild soap is much better when compared to harsh soaps with too many chemicals. Harsh soaps might worsen sensitive skin.

* Soap with natural ingredients should be preferred over soaps with harsh chemicals which could strip skin of its natural oils. Soaps with tea tree oil can be a good choice.

* Some acne cleansers and face soaps have added ingredients to fight acne and improve the skin's appearance.

What are the advantages of using lemon juice in the morning on the gut and skin?

Drinking lemon juice with warm water as the first thing in the morning helps the body on many levels. Lemon helps in balancing the PH of the gut and eliminating acid reflux. It helps in detoxification process of the body.

What are the advantages of applying lemon juice on the skin?

Application of lemon juice on face with a cotton ball for thirty minutes every morning before bathing can give natural anti-bacterial and strong astringent qualities. This could help remove dirt and clean out pores naturally.

What are the advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) for acne skin?

Apple Cider Vinegar is powerful natural remedy for acne due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities.

Intake of a spoon full of Apple Cider Vinegar diluted in a full cup of water can remove excess toxins and wastes from gut. It can also be for external application on the skin for acne reduction by adding it to bathing water which would be helpful to heal from both the outside and inside. Browse here for the best organic apple cider vinegar.

Can moisturizing acne prone skin, contribute to acne breakouts?

If we dont moisturize acne prone skin it can look dried out and flaky. When the skin becomes dry, it overproduces oil to compensate, thereby contributing to breakouts.

So, moisturing acne prone skin by choosing the right moisturizer could benefit. While choosing moisturizes for acne prone skin, one should opt for natural products. If the moisturizer is too heavy, it can be mixed with a bit of water before applying.

How can water help reduce acne breakouts?

Acne can develop when your body is full of toxins and vulnerable to inflammation. Our body is approximately 70 percent water, and water is involved in almost every function of the body. Water helps flush those toxins and other waste materials out of your body, contributing to healthier, clearer skin. So, water is one of the most important substances one can consume.

Environmental toxins start to build up in our system if one doesn’t drink enough water every day. These toxins overwhelm the body’s defenses. One way your body shows this imbalance is through acne breakouts.

Water is also good for overall health, as it assists with blood circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients, elimination and excretion of waste. Water helps transport nutrients to all parts of your body. One should drink sufficient quantity of water only daily basis. Women should drink 2.7 liters per day. For men, 3.7 liters a day.

Can regular exercise help in reducing acne?

Regular exercise and moderate sweating are excellent ways to help reduce the severity of acne or even prevent breakouts. Excercise increases blood flow to the skin and provide more oxygen to our skin cells. Sweating moderately releases toxins and cleans your skin pores from the inside out. It also aids in the prevention of acne.

Take a shower immediately after exercising to wash away any excess oil and toxins that are released through the pores during workout.

Does sleep deprivation increase acne breakout?

Sleep is crucial to heal the body and acne as well. Skin regenerates during sleep and sleep deprivation prevents the body from healing itself. If one isnt sleeping enough, their body might have to pull some resources from other part of the system to keep up with the deficit.

One could observe little or no acne break out when they sleep enough. Sleeping for the required number of hours is crucial for having healthy skin.

Can stress increase acne outbreak?

Stress may not be the cause for acne, but stress can increase acne outbreak for the people with acne symptoms. When a person with acne experiences more stress, high levels of sebum and oil are produced, which can clog the hair follicles and allow more acne to form.

How to handle stress inorder to decrease acne breakout?

By engaging in less stressfull activities one can reduce stress as well as reduce ance breakout. Activites like exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises can reduce stress to a large extent.

Find more stress busters here.

Can detoxification help in healing acne?

Detoxification is the process of expelling harmful toxins from body in several ways apart from the natural detoxification of our body.

Toxin built up in vital parts of our digestive system can begin to excrete themselves from the skin pores, increasing the chances of acne outbreak. By eliminating the buildup of toxins from body, we can prevent acne.

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