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Natural Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis is inflammation of the main air passages to the lungs. Bronchitis may be short-lived (acute) or chronic, meaning that it lasts a long time and often recurs

Living with a loved one suffering with Bronchitis can be very scary most of the times. To deal with tough situations family members should have understanding of how to deal with sudden Bronchitis attacks and also find out the triggers of the attack, so that they can target to cure it completely.

We have outlined some excellent drug free alternatives for treating Bronchitis naturally.

Agnihotra for Bronchitis

Performing Agnihotra at home daily relieves the mind from tension, stress, anxiety, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy and makes the mind full of love. Breathing Agnihotra smoke has an excellent healing effect on the respiratory system, lungs, Performing agnihotra daily reduce Bronchitis symptoms drastically. For more information and benefits of agnihotra visit "Agnihotra" link.

Pranic Healing in the treatment of Bronchitis

Pranic healing is the natural and effective way of healing respiratory disorders like Bronchitis. Pranic healing heals the disorder at the energy body level, by using the life force prana. For more information on pranic healing, benefits and pranic healing protocol to heal Bronchitis visit "Pranic Healing" link.

Salt Therapy in the treatment of Bronchitis

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is one of the alternative ways of controlling Bronchitis. Inhalation of salt air is a drug free way to help alleviate symptoms of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, effects of smoking, cold and flu distress, some types of snoring and other respiratory problems. Therapeutic Salt-Air Pipe Inhaler can help you breath easier while complimenting other medical treatments.

Homeopathy in the treatment of Bronchitis

Homeopathy is a very effective alternative treatment for Bronchitis. Emotional Healing with Homeopathy is an excellent resource on homeopathic remedies for treating Bronchitis naturally.

Dead Sea Salt Therapy in the treatment of Bronchitis

Dead Sea Salt Therapy can be used as a alternative medicine for treating Bronchitis effectively.

Oil Pulling in the treatment of Bronchitis

Oil Pulling Therapy can be used as a natural therapy for treating Bronchitis effectively.

Vitamin D Therapy for Bronchitis

Vitamin D deficiency could be a possilbe reason for poor functioning of respiratory system in Bronchitis patients. If vitamin D levels are low, Vitamin D Supplements should be considered which could possible improve the functioning of respiratory system.

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