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Expressive Art and Play Therapies in the Treatment of Asthma

Expressive Arts Therapy uses art and creativity to help children connect to their problems, give voice to their emotions, and learn techniques to heal or manage them effectively.

It uses a variety of techniques including art, drama, movement, music, poetry, puppetry, and sand play.

Through the experience of Expressive Arts Therapy, the child’s individuality and self-esteem are supported and enhanced.

We have outlined some expressive art therapies and play therapies for improving the disease coping skills in children with Asthma.

Art Therapy for reducing anxiety in kids with Asthma

Art therapy for children suffering with asthma will decrease their anxiety and increase their quality of life. Through art therapy children express their feelings about which they cant communicate in words. It helps people go deeper and express and release their feelings using art as a medium.

Art Therapy Sourcebook is an authoritative guide on how to use art therapy to guide yourself and others on a special path of personal growth, insight, and transformation.

Music Therapy for Asthma

Music Therapy is an effective way of working with people suffering with asthma.

Playing the music of a trained music therapist can improve physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual aspects of a person, by relaxing them completely.

Rainbows and Sunshine children relaxation CD is created by doctors as a healing/bedtime CD for homes & hospitals. It contains guided imagery to help children with anxiety, insomnia, asthma, surgery, ADD, cancer, autism, night terrors.

Dance Therapy for Asthma

Dance therapy help children with Asthma. The total body movement during dancing enhances all the functions of other body systems, such as circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems. Dance therapy makes children calmer.

Dance/Movement Therapy: A Healing Art explains the history of dance movement therapy's early pioneers and healing aspects of psychomotor expression.

Play Therapy for improving disease coping skills in children with asthma

Asthma as a chronic diseases poses emotional consequences over young children, therefore, use of play therapy can been viewed as one of the educational strategies to promote self management skills, lower anxiety levels, and enhance coping among children with asthma.

Through play therapy we can create awareness in children about their disease process, management plans, and life style modifications.

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