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Reflexology Home Study Course

Learning Reflexology therapy is of much favor due to its effectiveness for stress relief, improved circulation and immune system, stimulated nerve functioning and increased energy.

Reflexology: The Timeless Art of Self Healing

Reflexology: The Timeless Art of Self Healing speaks about the practice of reflexology, and how it can promote physical healing and relieve stress. This book teaches what parts of the foot should be massaged and how they should position their hands to do effective work.

Reflexology: Health at your fingertips

Reflexology: Health at your fingertips is the first fully illustrated guide on the ancient art of reflexology, this book explains how reflexology works pressure applied to "reflex" points on the hands and feet restore corresponding body parts by stimulating natural self healing powers and how to do it. Reflexology features step-by-step sequences, incredible photographic foot and hand reflex charts, and unique computer generated artworks to show which reflexes to press and which techniques to use. Visualizations and mediations are suggested throughout, to enhance the healing treatments. Reflexology is an invaluable guide for home users or reflexology students.

Complete Reflexology for Life

Complete Reflexology for Life teaches you how to work reflexology into your busy daily routine. Featuring fully illustrated reflexology sequences for all ages and different scenarios, this calming, relaxing technique will help you forge stronger bonds with everyone in your life, and bring about gentle healing through touch.

The Reflexology Atlas

The Reflexology Atlas is a fully illustrated and comprehensive reference guide to the many different kinds of reflexology. This gudie provides reflexology treatments tailored for a wide variety of common health disorders and contains step-by-step instructions illustrated in full color.

Best Reflexology Resources