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Pranic Healing Protocol For Psoriasis

1. Apply general sweeping several times.

2. Apply localized sweeping thoroughly on the affected areas. LWG & LWO on non-delicate areas; and LWG & LWV on delicate areas. Energize with LWG, LWB, & LWV.

3. Apply "Purifying the Blood technique."

4. Sweep front and back solar plexus and on the liver. Energize with LWG, LWB, then with LWV.

5. Sweep front and back heart chakra. Energize back heart with a little of LWG, then more of LWV. Visualize energy going into the thymus gland.

6. Sweep the basic chakra thoroughly. Energize with WHITE.

7. Sweep minor chakras of arms and legs. Energize with LWV. (This step should not be repeated on the same day.)

8. Sweep front and back spleen, and the navel chakras. Energize navel with LWV.

9. Sweep throat chakra. Energize with LWG, LWB, then LWV.

10. Sweep the crown, forehead, ajna and back head chakras. Energize with LWG, then more of LWV.

Source: phqanda yahoogroups
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