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Pranic Healing Protocol For Dyspraxia

1. General sweeping once or twice with LWG

2. Sweep front and back solar plexus and the liver. Energize with LWG, LWB, & LWV.

3. Sweep front and back heart chakra. Energize back heart with LWG, then more of LWV.

4. Sweep the crown, forehead, ajna, back head minor chakras with LWG & LWV.

5. Sweep the ENTIRE BRAIN thoroughly. - Sweep the right and left brain and nerve fibers that connect them at the middle called CORPUS CALLOSUM. - Apply thorough sweeping on the left and right FRONTAL LOBES (for speech and motor behavior); OCCIPITAL LOBES (for interpreting vision); TEMPORAL LOBES (for memory and emotions).

6. Energize chakras of the head with LWG, then with more of LWV.

7. Sweep navel and basic chakras. Energize with WHITE.

8. Repeat treatment 3 times a week.

9. Sweep the throat, throat minor, temple and jaw minor. Energize using alternately LWG then LWV.

10. Sweep thoroughly the entire spine and the sides of the spine using alternately LWG then LWV.

Visualize your sweeping energy to be a fine toothed comb that is making the spinal energy smooth and properly organized .

Ensure that patient maintains a balanced healthy diet with sufficient fatty acids.

Source: phqanda yahoogroups
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