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Pranic Healing Protocol For Acne / Face Lifting

Pranic facial protocol is intended for rejuvenating the facial skin and muscles which may be unevenly pigmented with enlarged pores, wrinkled or sagging due to aging and stress. Although stress may aggravate pimples and oily skin, other factors such as heredity, diet, hormone levels, birth control pills, cosmetics used, humidity and hot weather have to be considered.

Pranic Healing Protocol:

1. Wash the face with mild soap and water. Rinse well. Pat dry with clean soft towel.
2. Invoke and scan before, during and after treatment.
3. General sweeping twice.
4. Localized thorough sweeping on the entire face with emphasis on the affected parts using LWG.
5. Energize the affected parts with LWG, LWB the ordinary LWV.
6. Localized thorough sweeping on the ajna chakra, throat chakra, and jaw minor chakra. Energize with a little LWG then with more of ordinary LWV.
7. Localized thorough sweeping on the front and back solar plexus chakra, the liver, and the front and back spleen chakra. Energize with LWG then with ordinary LWV. The spleen has to be energized with caution. 8. Localized thorough sweeping on the lower abdominal area, the navel chakra, sex chakra and basic chakra. Energize the chakras with W.
9. Stabilize and release projected pranic energy.
10. Repeat treatment 3 times per week for as long as necessary.
11. Advise patient not to wash face with soap until after 8 hours fromtime of treatment. If needed, just wash face with plain water.
12. Drink sufficient amounts of fresh water.
13. Eat a healthy nutritionally balanced diet with plenty of fresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits regularly. Avoid greasy or oily food; limit intake of carbonated drinks, pastries and sugar.
14. Maintain medically prescribed weight through proper diet and regular physical exerise.

For more information on Pranic healing protocols to heal various disorders and diseases browse through "phqanda" yahoogroups which is a huge repository of pranic healing protocols.

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