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Posture is the position of the body or body parts, the relative placement of body parts to each other, or an individual’s general carriage or bearing.

Posture is the way people hold their bodies upright against the downward pull of gravity. Proper alignment of the spine is necessary for good posture. The spine is not straight; it has three curves, bending inward at the neck, curving slightly out at the upper back and in again at the lower back.

What is a good posture?

Good posture involves training the body to stand, walk, sit and lie in positions where the least strain is placed on supporting muscles and ligaments.

What are the advantages of good posture?

The right posture can improve appearance and health through out life. Good Posture makes you look great, feel more energetic and project confidence. It also helps prevent injury and reduce pain.

What are the disadvantages of poor posture?

While poor posture might lead to health problems later on, but it's never too late to straighten up.

How to correct posture problems?

For correcting our posture we need to

* Identify our posture deviation.

* Identify the cause of the deviation.

* Identify the problems caused due to the posture deviation.

* Identify the solution or right posture and follow it religiously.

How to learn good posture?

We can learn right posture through the following ways:

* A certified therapist

* Through self study by reading books designed to teach good posture

* By following an online posture course.

How is correct posture thought by a therapist?

Physiotherapist is the ideal health professional to identify your posture style and provide you with hands-on treatment, posture correction exercises and helpful home products for you to achieve great posture again.

How to self-learn correct posture?

Posture can be learnt through self learn resources available online.

Posture, Get It Straight! Look Ten Years Younger, Ten Pounds Thinner and Feel Better Than Ever is a fully illustrated guide shows you how to beat bad posture habits and demonstrates easy strengthening exercises that start working right away.

Posture, Get It Straight! DVD is an incredibly unique posture improvement program in DVD format that will have you standing straighter INSTANTLY with Janice's 'One Minute To Better Posture' technique.

Formatted in 10-15 minute segments, for each particularly posture problem, all exercises are designed to correct 'vulture head', slumped upper back, rounded shoulders, weak abdominals and lower back issues. This program will help you look younger and thinner; will instantly trim and inch or more from your mid section. Will help prevent and get rid of back and neck pain and strengthen all 4 layers of abdominal muscle. Will help you improve breathing, circulation and digestion. Good posture radiates health, vitality and confidence.

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