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Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide Therapy is about using food grade hydrogen peroxide for the prevention and treatment of diseases. This creates an environment in the body that enables the body to cure itself of virtually all diseases caused by viruses, harmful bacteria and toxins.

How does Hydrogen peroxide therapy heal our body?

Hydrogen peroxide boosts the immune system thereby enabling the body to ward off disease and heal itself by providing the body a high concentration of oxygen so that diseased cells die and normal cells are revitalized.

Hydrogen peroxide increases oxygen and hemoglobin disassociation thus maximizing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells.This delivery of the oxygen to the cells and tissues is essential for creating the oxygen boost necessary to maintaining a healthy environment that is inhospitable to disease.

What dilution of hydrogen peroxide should be taken for healing?

Proper dilution of hydrogen peroxide with distilled water in a recommended concentration when taken on empty stomach maximises disease fighting constituents and the adverse effects become virtually non-existent.

Which conditions can be cured by Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy?

Daily intake of food grade hydrogen peroxide can cure cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's and Parkinsons disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, mutiple scelrosis, heart disease, ulcers, asthma and flu.

Hydrogen peroxide is helpful in the treatment of skin diseases, polio and mental illness brought on by bacterial infections.

The only people for whome hydrogen peroxide administration is not recommended are individuals who have undergone organ transplants as hydrogen perdoxide stimulates the immune system and since the immune system attacks any foreign body that is different from what is normally present in your body, it identifies a transplanted organ as a foreign substance that needs to be eliminated. Therefore there's a possibility that the organ could be rejected.

What are the advantages of using Hydrogen Peroxide in dental care?

The possibilities of hydrogen peroxide therapy in dentistry are exciting.

Simply brushing your teeth with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution not only prevents gum diseases but also whitens teeth and fights cavities.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy help in the treatment of alcoholism?

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is usefull in treating alcoholism. Another potential benefit of using hydrogen peroxide is reversal of the typical slight brain damage caused by gradual oxygen deprivation caused due to pollution.

Chronically unnoticed lack of oxygen caused many inexplicable illnesses such as depression, lack of energy, irritability, malaise, impaired judgement and a host of other health problems.

Hydrogen peroxide administration restores an ample supply of oxygen to the brain, reverses the brain damage, boosts energy, improves memory, alertness, concentration and even IQ.

What concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in skin care?

3% hydrogen peroxide can be used directly onto the skin, especially acne and persistent wounds due to diabetes.

What concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in the treatment of respiratory disorders?

Food grade hydrogen peroxide mist can be used as a nasal sparay, through the use of a vaporizer to combat breathing and sinus related problems.

One ounce of 35% hydrogen peroxide(per gallon of water) in a vaporizer every night in an emphysemic's bedroom, and they will breathe freer than they have breathed in years. It can be used by lung cancer patients.

What concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in the treatment of Arthritis?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used effectively for the treatment of arthritis and other ailments related to aging.

35% food grade of hydrogen peroxide is recommended for internal use. This needs to be diluted before taken internally.

Can Hydrogen Peroxide can be used in the treatment of emphysema?

Intravenous injections of hydrogen peroxide have proven particularly useful in treating emphysema, which is caused by smoking.

Emphysemaa has no widely recognized cure and patients have only been able to find some relief from their symptoms through conventional medical techniques.

What are the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide therapy over Ozone Therapy?

Most of the benefits attributes to the administration of medical ozone can also be attributes to the administration of hydrogen peroxide as well, since ozone is transformed into hydrogen peroxide in the body. The mechanism by which hostile micro organisms are eradicated by hydrogen peroxide is the same as will ozone blood infusion.

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