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Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition Therapy is a wholistic way of treating the body by curing the cause of a problem rather than just the symptoms.

How can nutrition therapy help in the treatment of various conditions?

Nutrition therapy is a process of treating a patient by making significant changes in the patients nutrition.

Do we have any resource to understand the nutritional needs for various age groups?

Nutrition and Diet Therapy is an excellent resource covering the basics of nutrition and then nutrition as a therapy for all age groups. It is a self instructional resource which can be used as a starting point for self nutrition therapy.

How many nutritional plans are avaiable?

Below mentioned are different nutritional approaches for treating different conditions:

* Alkaline Diet

* Feingold Diet

* Hay Diet

* Paleo Diet

* South Beach Diet

* Wheat Belly

* Probiotic Therapy

* Mediterranean Diet

* Engine 2 Diet

* Dukan Diet

* Kind Diet

Best Nutrition Resources