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Mudra Therapy

Mudra Therapy is about the positioning of fingers to reconfigure the energy dynamics in our body.

What is a Mudra?

Mudra is a position usually performed with your hands and fingers that seals and directs energy through the body. It's a mode of communicating with body. Holding hands and positioning of fingers in a given posture will generate different energies.

How can Mudra Therapy help us?

We may touch fingers in a certain way to find balance of self, position them in a particular fashion to heal or change the body, bring hands together or draw them apart to meditate and focus on the internal or external nature of the self.

Mudras Therapy can help balance our energy and feel more calm and centered. Mudras help people develop an awareness of the happening within one's bodies.

In which case Mudra Therapy fails to show result?

If a person is not willing to take ownership of feelings, mudras will not help them.

Which conditions can be helped by Mudra Therapy?

Mudras are used in medical practices to calm patients, relieve anxieties, treat phobias and help with other issues of the mental, physical and emotional realm. Mudras are vey effective in relieving stress, enabling focus and clarity of mind.

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