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Mindfulness is a tool by using which we can greatly improve our lives and increase our awareness.

Mindfulness is a set of practices used to achieve a specific goal, by overcoming all distractions from our minds and focus on nothing but the essence of a moment and our very being in time and space.

Mindfulness is not simply a form of meditation. While many of the same techniques as regular meditation can be used to achieve a mindful state of being, the reasons and objectives are essentially different. In most meditative practices, the reason for meditating is to more or less disappear within to draw back from the world in which we live and focus on the inner truths- the silence and stillness within. Most forms of meditation focus on disregarding the things that are around us. They help us pull away from the material world and remind ourselves that there is more to life than the material, tangile world. Mindfulness mediation is opposite of this.

It is about increasing our awareness of the here and now, of taking a moment to relax, yet to take stock, to awaken our senses to what it means to be alive.

Mindfulness meditation is also about mindfully reminding ourselves about the fortunate gifts we are blessed with.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

Benefits of being mindful are more peace, harmony and happiness and achieving higher levels of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Mindfulness is aimed towards increasing confidence, increasing our capabilities and belief in our self by mindfully noticing and recognizing our achievements.

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