Art is considered to be therapeutic and can put people at ease, helping with sleep and overall well being. Art help invigorate the mind and relaxes you completely.

Can Art be used to heal insomnia?

Art can be used to heal insomnia especially with people who are not able to successfully express themselves through speech or writing. A blank canvas and handful of colors is all one needs to express your mood, uplift or liberate yourself. One way of exploring art therapy for insomnia could be coloring books.

Effect of Music Therapy on Sleep Quality

A study was conducted to determine the effect of music therapy on sleep quality of the students.

Students in the experimental group were instructed to keep the volume of the personal MP3 player to be used for listening to the music therapy below 70% and to use it for 1 h/d at most. No intervention was applied to students in the control group. They were asked to sustain their normal sleeping habits.

It is concluded from the study that music therapy increased the sleep quality of students. Being one of the nonpharmacological treatment approaches intended for solving sleep problems, music therapy is a pain-free, safe, and affordable treatment method without any side effect that could be used in every area of health.

Dance Therapy for Insomnia

Evidence suggests that dance therapy may have positive effects in areas such as cardiovascular parameters and sleep.

A randomized controlled trial was conducted, in which participants were assigned to one of 2 groups: standard care (with usual activities and medication) or dance therapy (in which the participants followed a dance therapy programme, in addition to their medication). The intervention was an 8-week, 3-times-per-week, progressive and specific group dance-training programme. The dance steps were specifically designed to improve balance by shifting the body and relocating the centre of gravity.

The study concluded that dance therapy programme improved blood pressure, sleep and quality of life in pre-hypertensive and hypertensive middle-aged women, and constitutes an interesting basis for larger-scale research.

Tango Dance Can Reduce Distress and Insomnia in People with Self-Referred Affective Symptoms – A recent study showed that tango dance has been shown to produce a broader range of clinically signi´Čücant improvements in psychological function and sleep disturbance than meditation or exercise.

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