Ample evidence suggests that digital CBT-I interventions can reduce insomnia severity with effect sizes comparable to face to face care. Further, digital CBT-I approaches have been found to improve multiple aspects of daytime function including symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and health-related quality of life.

In general, longer treatment duration, inclusion of more CBT-I components, and greater support have been associated with more favorable outcomes.
At the same time, relative to face to face care digital CBT-I results in smaller improvements in sleep parameters, and attrition also remains a major challenge for digital CBT-I. Greater personalization is required to reduce elevated dropout rates.

Digital therapeutics offers the missing components mentioned above.

Digital therapeutics that can be accessed on a smart phone or tablet for treatment of chronic insomnia.

Lets look at some of the digital therapeutics for insomnia

Somryst – FDA approved prescription digital therapeutic for insomnia

Somryst is the first and only prescription digital therapeutic indicated to treat chronic insomnia. Somryst is intended to improve insomnia symptoms by providing neurobehavioral intervention (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia – CBT-I) to adults 22 years of age and older with chronic insomnia.

Pear is behind Somryst, the first app approved by the Food and Drug Administration to use CBT to treat insomnia. A nine-week course of treatment using Somryst costs $899.

Somryst, the first Prescription digital therapeutics(PDT) for treating chronic insomnia, delivers cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) via a mobile application. CBT-I is the guideline-recommended, first-line treatment for chronic insomnia, but availability of CBT-I therapists is limited. Somryst addresses this need by providing asynchronous access to CBT-I treatment. As a contactless therapeutic medium, Somryst is also an ideal option when face-to-face therapy is not available or recommended.

Click here to access Somryst digital therapeutic for insomnia.

Profile of Somryst Prescription Digital Therapeutic for Chronic Insomnia: Overview of Safety and Efficacy, study concludes that Somryst demonstrates robust clinical efficacy with a favorable benefit-to-risk profile for treating adults with chronic insomnia.

Sleepio – an evidence-based digital therapeutic for poor sleep

Sleepio is a digital sleep improvement program that is scientifically proven to help overcome poor sleep and thereby improve mental health.

Meet your animated sleep expert of Sleepio, The Prof Accompanied by his narcoleptic dog, Pavlov, The Prof guides you on a journey to better sleep, meeting with you for weekly sessions or whenever you may need a helping hand. Personalized to your situation and progress The Prof learns about you, your challenges, and your goals to personalize your program and is always available to provide relevant help wherever and whenever you need it.

Sleepio is based on practical techniques that are proven to work based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for sleep and designed by Professor Colin Espie (Oxford University), Sleepio delivers practical strategies that are backed by decades of evidence.

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New Study Finds Digital CBT the Most Cost Effective Option for Poor Sleep, When Compared to Other Leading Choices, the results of the study showed that, when compared to no insomnia treatment, digital CBT—as represented by Big Health’s Sleepio —was the most cost-effective care option followed by group CBT, sleep medication, and then individual CBT. Sleepio had a positive net monetary benefit of $681.06 per individual over a six month period. A positive result means that the total cost benefits associated with Sleepio were greater than its direct cost.


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