Complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) are frequently used for the treatment of sleep disorders.

According to the National Health Interview Survey analysis, over 1.6 million civilian, non-institutionalized adult US citizens use CAM to treat insomnia or trouble sleeping Insomnia, trouble sleeping, and complementary and alternative medicine – Analysis of the 2002 national health interview survey data.

Based on the study of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Sleep Disturbances in Older Adults it has been concluded that CAM has the potential to significantly add to treatment options for sleep disorders in older adults.

Aromatherapy for sleep disorders

One study examined the use of aromatherapy massage for hospice patients using self-report measures of sleep. This randomized, placebo-controlled study noted no benefits in quality of life or pain control; however, there were statistically significant improvements in sleep and depression.

Lavender Oil, Jasmine Oil, Chamomile Oil, Clary Sage Oil, Valerian Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil are some of the essential oils which promote sleep.

Is exercise an alternative treatment for chronic insomnia?

Exercise is effective to decrease sleep complaints and to treat chronic insomnia. Exercise training has been proposed as a low-cost, easily accessible and non-pharmacologic treatment alternative.

Exercise has been suggested as a good alternative therapy to improve quality of life because there is a negative correlation between sedentary lifestyle and quality of life

Results from various studies show that individuals with a moderate-to-high level of physical activity were 56% less likely to have insomnia.

Some experimental studies have demonstrated improved quality of life after exercise in patients with chronic diseases, including sleep-related diseases, such as sleep apnea and chronic insomnia. A recent study demonstrated that improved quality of life in insomnia patients after moderate aerobic training (16 weeks)quality of life, particularly with respect to vitality scores.

Individualized Homeopathy for insomnia

According to studies Individualized homeopathy (IH) could produce significant effect beyond placebo in treatment of insomnia.

Efficacy of individualized homeopathic treatment of insomnia: Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial concludes that IH seemed to produce significantly better effect than placebo. Rigorous trials and independent replications are warranted.

A Comparative Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial on the Effectiveness, Safety, and Tolerability of a Homeopathic Medicinal Product in Children with Sleep Disorders and Restlessness concluded that the homeopathic product, ZinCyp-3-02 tablets, was found to be superior to the comparator glycine in the reduction of complaints related to sleep quality, frequency of sleep disorders, time to sleep onset, and restlessness in children. Treatment with ZinCyp-3-02 tablets was safe and very well tolerated.


Is exercise an alternative treatment for chronic insomnia? @ Exercise is effective to decrease sleep complaints and treat chronic insomnia.