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Organic Living

Living an organic lifestyle is about living in a way that is healthy for you and for the environment. Organic lifestyle encourages thoughtful, intelligent and responsible decision-making so that our choices have a positive impact for us and the earth.

What is an Organic Lifestyle?

Organic lifestyle is about living a life with as less toxins and pollutants as possible both inside and outside of the home.

Organic living is about using natural products without chemicals or few chemicals as possible. As a good start we can start organic life by using products labelled green or eco friendly.

How to start leading an Organic Lifestyle?

We can start leading an organic lifestyle by following four simple steps:

* eating organic food

* using organic cleaning products

* using organic personal hygiene products

* driving fuel efficient vehicles

What is Organic Food?

Food cultivated in soil free from chemicals for at least three years is called Organic Food.

Organic Food is cultivated using environmentally sound methods without the use of artificial stuff during their cultivation.

Garbage and peat are used for enrichment of the soil in organic farming. Compost and hydroponic methods are used as natural fertilizers to boost oragnic yields. Natural methods of bug manipulation such as plant-based toxins are used as pesticides in organic farming.

Organic Food is produced by using organic water, organic seeds and organic or natural fertilizers.

Is Organic Food Safer?

Organic food is considered safer as the chances of pesticide residues are much less with organic food.

Organically grown crops can have about one-third as many pesticide residues as the conventionally grown versions. Organic foods are also far less likely to contain residues of more than one pesticide.

How is Organic Food better?

Organic Food is better as organically grown food encourages enhanced health and reduces the frequency of various ailments including cardiac problems, diabetes, migraines, several types of allergies.

The flavour of Organic Food is better than that of non-organic food. Organic Food can lessen obesity as well.

How to differentiate between organic and conventionally grown Vegetables and Fruits?

The smaller the vegetable/fruit is in size, more organic it is. Organic vegetables have strong earthy taste. Organic fruits are sweetish when compared to non-organic fruits.

How to acquire organic groceries?

Organic groceries can be acquired either through local organic markets or through organic online grocery stores. Packaged organic groceries are marked as organic with a government certification on its cover.

We can acquire certified organic products from amazons organic online grocery store conveniently.

Which conventional foods carry more pesticides and how can we reduce the pesticides in our food?

Spinach, Green peas, Green beans, Green onions (scallions), Summer and winter squash, Apples, Peaches, Pears, Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries carry more pesticides.

In order to reduce pesticides in our food, we can start buying organic versions of foods whose conventional forms may carry high levels of pesticide residues.

Which organic foods should be bought in order to promote organic farming?

If one is most interested in promoting the growth of organic farming, buy organic foods that require large expanses of cropland and pasture, such as

* Wheat

* Corn

* Other grains

* Dairy foods and beef

Which organic foods should be brought in order to promote organic animal farming?

If one is interested in more natural conditions for farm animals and fewer antibiotics and hormones, buy products from organically raised livestock and poultry, such as:

* Milk

* Cheese

* Yogurt

* Eggs

* Meat

What are Organic or Eco-friendly Paints?

Organic Paints or eco-friendly paints are plant-based, water-borne paints, followed by plant-based, solvent-borne ones with natural solvents.

Organic Paints have fewer chemicals in them.

Unlike conventional paints which might include formaldehyde, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds which have harmful effects organic paints are safe.

What is Organic Flooring?

Organic Flooring is about flooring with less toxic materials. Bamboo flooring is extremely environmental friendly flooring alternative. Maple, Fir, Oak and Cherry flooring are the next best options for organic flooring.

After selecting and installing the wood floor, the next step for making it organic flooring is to use eco-friendly, non-toxic floor finish on the wooden floor.

Drying oil, Hard wax oil, Water based polyurethane are the best options for floor finish.

What are Organic Carpets?

Carpets made from natural fibers like wool, coir, sisal, jute, or hemp or any fiber with a non-petroleum based backing are called Organic Carpets.

Certified Synthetic carpets with green labels are also Organic Carpets.

What are Organic Cleaning products?

Green and eco friendly cleaning products are termed as Organic Cleaning Products. One can make eco friendly cleaning products by themselves through the naturally available cleansers.

Ex: Vinegar is a natural cleanser, Lemon juice dissolves hard water stains and can be used as air freshener, Baking soda can replace commercial abrasive cleaners to clean hard surfaces.

We can completely opt out of commercial cleaning products by choosing to make our own cleaning products.

What are Organic Skin Care products?

Skin care products are termed organic when

* the ingredients of the product are grown through ethically harvested crops, without using pesticides, GM, parabens and chemical fertilisers.

* they are packed through environmental-friendly packaging.

What is Organic Clothing?

Organic clothing is classified as clothing which is made from materials like cotton, jute, silk, ramie, wool. All these materials are produced without subjecting them to chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Natural Clothes help reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions in children. If the children are already suffering from asthma or other breathing problems wearing organic clothes can really help improve their condition.

By choosing clothes labelled eco friendly as well as those made with fewer chemicals we can help ourselves to a large extent.

Organic Clothes need to be washed differently from other clothes with little extra care when compared to regular materials.

Which other Organic Products are available?

We can consider organic bedding, hats, purses and organic based toys.

What are the benefits of using Organic Products?

Choosing organic products and getting surrounded with clean, chemical free products impacts our overall health to a large extent. Organic products also benefit the environment to a large extent.

Organic fruits and vegetables have up to 50% more antioxidants, which scientists believe can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease.

The advantages of organic foods might be highest for babies.

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