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Salt Therapy or Halotherapy or Speleotherapy

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy or Speleotherapy is the use of salt mines, caves or other forms of exposure to salt air to benefit people suffering with asthma, allergies, cellulite and acne.

Which therapeutic minerals of rock salt aid in healing through Halotherapy?

The unrefined rock salts, primary minerals sodium chloride, calcium, magnesium, manganese and sulfates have therapeutic properties which aid in healing through Halotherapy.

How can we create artificail Halotherapy environment?

Halotherapy is a process of artificially creating the atmosphere of salt mines by using Halogenerators or Dry saline generators or Dry salt aerosol generators.

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What are the other ways of utilizing therapeutic effects of rock salt?

Using Salt Lamps at home is the method of utilizing the benefits of rocksalt.

In salt lamp a large crystal of natural salt is hollowed out and heated with a tealight or lightbulb. The crystals give off an attractive glow in various colours of pink, orange, red or purple according to the minerals present along with cleaning the home environment.

Rock salt lamps promote concentration and focus for better comprehension and alertness due its ancillary light therapy benefits.

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The benefits of salt may be reproduced by breathing through a therapeutic Salt Air Pipe Inhaler packed with salt crystals.

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What are the other ways of using therapeutic salts?

Some of the therapeutic salts can be used for bathing purpose and some of them can be consumed directly depending on their medicinal value.

Which conditions can be helped through Halotherapy?

Halotherapy can improve existing dermatological disorders, enhance respiratory cleansing, and eliminate the damages of smoking.

What are the benefits of Epsom salt?

Epsom salts can be very beneficial for individuals with neurological conditions including autism spectrum, sensory integration disorder, and ADD/ADHD.Epsom salts contain magnesium sulphate.

Hyperactivity, aggression, tantrums, sleep problems, night sweats, irritability, eczema, and other skin conditions,get reduced by the usage of epsom salts.

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