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Anoxeria/Bulimia Natural Treatment Guide

"Mom, Please Help" is an excellent guide for Anoxeria/Bulimia treatment which outlines step by step individual home treatment programs for both adults and for under 18's.

"Mom, Please Help" home treatment program outlines a step by step recovery procedure which can be followed at home without the need of any therapist or doctor.

It provides abundant information on the below aspects of treating the eating disorder.

* How to make a person independent and feel confident on their own.

* How to make a person control their urge to starve themselves.

* How to make a person control their urge to binge and purge by themselves.

* How to make a person control uncomfortable and painful feelings in the abdomen after meals.

* How to change the focus from counting calories and worrying about their weight problem to having a meaningful and purposeful life.

* How to changes the focus from hiding food, binging and purging to developing an unique lovingness and kindness.

"Mom, Please Help" is 100% natural and effective to control Anoxeria/Bulimia which can be applied at home without any side effects. Mom, Please Help is an e-book which can be downloaded to your desktop right away.

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