Digital Health encompass all technologies that engage patients for health-related purposes.

What is Digital Health?

Digital Health is a superset of a wide range of products used across the wellness and healthcare industries.

Digital Health can also be termed as a broad category that encompasses Digital Medicine, which in turn includes Digital Therapeutics.

Digital Health includes technologies, platforms, and systems that engage consumers for lifestyle, wellness and health-related purposes, capture, store or transmit health data and/or support life science and clinical operations.

Digital Health doesn’t require clinical evidence and these products do not require any regulatory oversight.

What is Digital Medicine?

Digital Medicine includes evidence-based software and/or hardware products that measure and/or intervene in the service of human health. Clinical evidence is required for all digital medicine products

In other words Digital Medicine is an umbrella term which includes various modalities like electronic health records, wellness apps and clinically validated therapeutic interventions aimed to mirror or improve upon existing in-person therapies..

Digital medicine products can be used independently or in concert with pharmaceuticals, devices, or other products to optimize patient care and health outcomes.

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The Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a Massachusetts non-profit and professional society for individuals from all backgrounds working to advance digital medicine to optimize human health.

What is Digital Therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics form an independent category of evidence-based products within the broader digital health landscape.

Digital therapeutics are distinguished from other digital health categories through their primary function of delivering software-generated therapeutic interventions directly to patients to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease.

Digital therapeutics empower patients, healthcare providers, and payers with intelligent and accessible tools for addressing a wide range of conditions through high quality, safe, and effective data-driven interventions.

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The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) is a non-profit trade association with the mission of broadening the understanding and integration of clinically-evaluated digital therapeutics into healthcare to improve clinical and health economic outcomes.