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Color Therapy

Chromotherapy, sometimes called color therapy, colorology or cromatherapy, is a complementary therapy used for healing various conditions effectively. Color therapy is a holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years.

How does Color Therapy Work?

Color Therapy is the process of balancing physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels of people through the use light in the form of colors which the body is lacking.

What are the different methods of using Color Therapy?

Color therapy works on our body through two basic methods. It can function directly on our physical body and it can also work more subtly on the different energetics of the body as well i.e. through the aura.

How can we use Color Therapy on the physical level of our body by directing colors?

Color Therapy works on the physical level by directing the appropriate color on the diseased part of the body. Each colour has its properties and so different colours can achieve different effects on the same area of the body, but the same colour can also have different effects on different areas of the body as well. Colours are a very powerful treatment medium especially if used directly in the form of coloured light, and as such they can have very powerful results if used in the appropriate way.

Color Therapy works on the physical level through the body, by absorbing the selected color from the sunlight. In this process the body abosorbs the colors required to maintain balance, and these colors are absorbed by vibrations.
The below video gives a brief introduction to color therapy

How can we use Color Therapy on the physical level of our body through the intake of Color Charged Water?

Color Therapy also works on the physical level through the intake of Color-Charged Water. An ordinary glass of water can become medicinal when charged by sunlight. Tape a piece of colored paper or acetate around the glass (a colored bottle is even better) and let it sit in sunlight from six to eight hours. Even if the sun does not directly shine on the water it will still be charged.

An example of this is drinking red water in the morning to wake one up or invigorate the person, and drinking indigo at night to relax him. Treatment by the use of color-charged water is called Hydrochromotherapy.
The below video gives a brief introduction of the benefits of solarized water

How can we use Color Therapy on the subtle layers of our body?

Colour therapy works on the energy system of the human body through the chakras and aura. By projecting the required color on the effected chakra we can achieve astounding results with in no time. Color healing is usually done with the technique of visualization. The practitioner vividly holds the color in his mind and directs it to the affected area of the patient.

What is Distant Color Healing?

Distant Color Healing is the process of appliying color on the photograph of the patient when the patient is absent. This treatment is known as Graphichromotherapy. It is best employed by using a low voltage light bulb, perhaps even a night light. The same application applies as in all color healing: focus the color directly onto the afflicted area. This can be more easily done when the photograph is in a frame. The colored material is placed over the afflicted area of the person. The treatment should be applied at least three hours a day.

Color Therapy can give profound healing effect on humans as well as the animals on all the levels very easily.

What are the healing properties of different colors in Color Therapy?

The primary colors of the spectrum and their healing properties are:

Violet: Violet is at the opposite end of the spectrum from red. Good for mental disorders, the nervous system, baldness and female complaints.

Indigo: Indigo is a slight narcotic removing fears and reassures those afraid of the dark. Good for emotional problems, deafness, and especially good for the eyes, even cataracts.

Blue: Blue acts as an antiseptic and cooling agent. Excellent for inflammations including those of internal organs. Good for cuts and burns, also for rheumatism.

Green: Green is the great healer. It is neutral to the other others. It serves as a general tonic and neutralizer. When in doubt, use green. Excellent for heart problems, neuralgic headaches, ulcers, head colds and boils.

Yellow: Yellow is excellent in treating bowel and intestine problems. It can act as a mild sedative to relieve many fears and give a mental uplift. It is good for treating indigestion and heartburn, constipation, piles, also menstrual problems.

Orange: Orange is not as harsh of a color as red, but has many of the same properties. Very good for illnesses of the respiratory system such as asthma and bronchitis; also good as a tonic and laxative.

Red: Red is at one end of the spectrum. It is a warm color which invigorates, excellent when used for treatment of persons having heat diseases, anemia, and liver diseases.

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