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Teaching strategies for Autistic Children

List of the best resources on Teaching strategies for Autistic Children.

Resources on Teaching strategies for Autistic Children

How Difficult Can This Be is an excellent resource for parents and teachers of children with Learning Disabilities and other difficulties that affect education in the classroom.

Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew provides a unique perspective of a child’s voice to help us understand the thinking patterns that guide their actions, shape an environment conducive to their learning style, and communicate with them in meaningful ways. This book affirms that autism imposes no inherent upper limits on achievement, that both teacher and child “can do it.” It’s the game plan every educator, parent, or family member needs to make the most of every “teaching moment” in the life of these children we love.

Asperkids is an insider's guide to Loving, Understanding, and Teaching Children with Asperger Syndrome. This book is full of original and effective methods for engaging with children with Asperger Syndrome. The author discusses theory of mind, the necessity for concrete forms of communication, and ways to inspire imagination through sensorial experiences. In particular she explores the untapped power of special interests, explaining how to harness these interests to encourage academic, social and emotional growth.

Resources to Motivate Children

Motivate to Communicate is a best resource with 300 Games and Activities to motivate Your Child with Autism to communicate well. The book suggests creative ways to use everyday toys and objects to motivate communication skills in your child.

Resources on Connecting and Communicating with Autistic Children

Embracing Autism shows what makes people with ASD tick and gives useful information on how they communicate, learn, and ultimately what it takes to help them succeed. It presents sensitive, sometimes humorous, experience-based stories from teachers, clinicians, and parent activists within the autism community. With insight and heart, this book offers parents and educators a way to better understand the world inhabited by ASD children and adults.

Activity books for Autistic Children

1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's provides genuine advice that all parents and educators can quickly and easily use. This hope-filled book not only connects the reader to the world of Autism Spectrum Disorders but also provides a multitude of practical solutions to the broad range of challenges that parents and professional face each and every day.

Resources on Home Schooling Autistic Children

Homeschooling the Child with Autism is invaluable to families choosing or considering a homeschooling option for their child with ASD. Through this book parents will learn how to schedule lessons across the day to incorporate social and academic learning in an environment that balances sensory and mental health needs.

Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome is packed with inspiring ideas and tips that can be used with any curriculum and on any budget, Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome explains how to design a varied study programme built around the child's own interests, making use of simple material as well as computers and on-line resources. It provides a step-by-step instructions on how to assess and improve body language and social skills, accommodating the child's need for ritual or perfectionist tendencies, and how to develop handwriting and coordination skills.

Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism

Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or Other Developmental Issues offers more than 200 do's and don'ts, along with over 50 real-life examples, to help make the process more of a lesson and less of a battle for all involved. The young trainee will learn to overcome fear of the bathroom, properly use toilet paper, flush once, wash hands, and more. The toilet trainer will learn how to overcome challenges caused by communication needs, sensory sensitivities, motor challenges, anxiety levels, etc.

Guide to Speech and Language Problems

The Parent's Guide to Speech and Language Problems is a definitive guide for helping your speech-impaired child. The Parent’s Guide to Speech and Language Problems is a one-stop resource, offering not just the most up-to-date medical information but also advice and encouragement from a mom who’s been there.

Autism and Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication definitive introduction to AAC processes, interventions, and technologies that help people best meet their daily communication needs.This resource provides an overview of communication and AAC issues for people with specific developmental disabilities.

Language Manual for children with autism

Teach Me Language a language manual for children with autism, Asperger's syndrome and related developmental disorders. This book is designed with explicit instructions for working on the language needs specific to autistic children. Teach Me Language introduced exercises and drills that attack language weaknesses common to children with pervasive developmental disorders. Teach Me Language is designed to be used by parents, speech therapist and/or trainers as part of a therapy program where language difficulties are being addressed.

Verbal Behavior Therapy for teaching Language

Verbal Behavior approach is a form of Applied Behavior Analysis, that is based on B.F. Skinner's analysis of verbal behavior and works particularly well with children with minimal or no speech abilities, to help children develop better language and speaking skills. The Verbal Behavior Approach is a step-by-step guide with abundance of information on how to help children develop better language and speaking skills, and also explains how to teach non-vocal children to use sign language. This book will enable parents and professionals unfamiliar with the principles of ABA and VB to get started immediately using the Verbal Behavior approach to teach children with autism and related disorders.

TEACCH a Structured Teaching Approach

Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH) is a state wide system for assisting and supporting people with autism spectrum disorders and their families. The TEACCH Approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders is an interesting book in that it provides a comprehensive overview of the approach. Educators and parents can acquire useful information which will assist their effort to teach and deal with students with autism. The book provides specific intervention strategies for the parents of autistic children.

Resources on teaching life skills for Autistic Children

The Parents' Guide to Teaching Kids with Asperger Syndrome and Similar ASDs Real-Life Skills for Independence definitive resource for teaching kids with Asperger syndrome the life skills that build independence, confidence, and self-esteem. This book shows parents how to teach the easy skills to complex learners. This is the first book for parents and caregivers of kids with Asperger syndrome and similar learning profiles that features strategies based on applied behavior analysis the most widely accepted, evidence-based, and effective teaching method for learners with ASDs.


Social Communication/ Emotional Regulation/ Transactional Support (SCERTS) is an educational model which uses practices from other approaches including ABA (in the form of PRT), TEACCH, Floortime and RDI. The SCERTS Model differs most notably from the focus of ?traditional? ABA, by promoting child-initiated communication in everyday activities. SCERTS is most concerned with helping children with autism to achieve Authentic Progress which is defined as the ability to learn and spontaneously apply functional and relevant skills in a variety of settings and with a variety of partners.
The Scerts Model is a Comprehensive Educational Approach for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Best Autism Resources