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Best Products for Autism/Aspergers Syndrome

This page is dedicated tolist of the best products helpfull for Children with Autism/Aspergers Syndrome.

Tangle Therapy for Stress Relief

Tangle Therapy is a low impact activity to help people relieve their stress through its smooth and easy twisting and turning motion.
Tangle Therapy by Tangle is a twistable therapy device with a new ergonomic approach for stress relief and hand therapy. Tangle Therapy can be used for hand and mind wellness.

Fidget toys for focus, anxiety control

The fiddle or fidget item focuses your child's mind on an activity by stoping anxiety or boredom taking over.
All In Toy's Liquid Motion Bubbler Fidget is a classic but a much smaller, more transportable scale, which offers a calming visual stimulant for everyone by teaching action / reaction for younger children. This is a great distraction for special needs children.

Best Autism Products