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Energy Healing Techniques in the Treatment of Anxiety

Energy Healing Techniques are promising in healing brain disorders like Anxiety. We have outlined some best energy healing techniques for Anxiety treatment.

You can start using this as complements along with your current treatments initially, and depending on the results you can switch to the best option.

SuperBrain yoga in the treatment of Anxiety

SuperBrain Yoga exercise gives excellent results in managing Anxiety effectively.

SuperBrain yoga involves acupressure of the ear lobes. This powerfull technique is explained by Master Choa Kok Sui the founder of Modern Pranic Healing. Practice of super brain yoga takes hardly 10 minutes of our daily time and it gives excellent results in balancing and claming the brain.

Pranic Healing for Anxiety

Pranic Healing is a holistic healing therapy for Anxiety.

Pranic Healing is effective in healing psychological disorders like Anxiety. Pranic healing heals Anxiety at the energy body level, by cleansing the effected chakras in the energy body thoroughly and thereby energising and normalizing them.

Agnihotra in the treatment of Anxiety

Performing Agnihotra at home daily relieves the mind from tension, stress, anxiety, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy and makes the mind full of love.

Agnihotra effects the mind by inducing greater calm and positive thought patterns.

Crystal Therapy for Anxiety Relief

Healing Crystals are a safe and gentle way to protect against and alleviate ailments of the body and mind.

Let us look at some of the crystals which can help in anxiety relief.

* Rose Quartz: Pink love gem encourages love, helps provide wearer with peace & serenity,self-confidence & self-love. It helps us forgive,overcome anxiety & grieve. Greeks used Rose Quartz to promote marital bliss.

* Moon Stone: Often worn as amulet to help balance & calm emotions.Moonstone is well known to boost energy and alleviate anxiety.Protection,Passion,Love, Intuition,Luck.

* Blackonyx: Protective; Wards off stress and helps release negative emotions like sadness, sorrow & grief.

* Amethyst: Calming stone, relaxes & brings serenity. Good Sleep Aid. Positive, energizing, powerful protection gem.

* Amazonite: Balances feminine and masculine energy. It engenders kindness,dissolves sadness. Calming. Also believed to dispell worries, fear, grief and anger. Amazonite is helpful for balancing emotions.

Religious tokens for Anxiety Relief

Saint Dymphna is the Patron Saint of Stress, Anxiety and Mental Health.

An inexpensive gift that you, your friends, or your loved ones can carry in their purse or pocket and enjoy for years to come. Prayer to St. Dymphna is so needed with all the people we love consumed with stress, mental health and disorders, and anxiety - she IS the patron saint to whom we should call.

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