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Energy Healing Techniques For Alcoholism Treatment

Energy Healing Techniques are promising in healing the psychological reasons behind the addiction.

We have outlined some best energy healing techniques for alcohol addiction treatment. You can start using this as complements along with your current treatments initially, and depending on the results you can switch to the best option.

Pranic Healing in the treatment of Alcoholism

Pranic healing is the natural and effective way of healing psychological disorders like alcohol addiction.

Pranic healing heals the disorder at the energy body level, by using the life force prana. While applying the addiction protocol it is very important to understand the cause for the addiction and apply the protocol for healing the cause at the same time to see effective results.

Pranic psychotherapy has an excellent protocol for treating addictions effectively.

SuperBrain yoga in the treatment of Alcoholism

Practice of Super Brain Yoga exercise alone gives excellent results in balancing your brain and controlling the craving for addictive substances like alcohol.

This powerfull technique is explained by Master Choa Kok Sui the founder of Modern Pranic Healing. Practice of super brain yoga takes hardly 10 minutes of our daily time and it gives excellent results in balancing the brain.

For more information on the procedure and benefits of Super brain yoga visit "Super brain yoga" link.

Reiki in the treatment of Alcoholism

Reiki will benefit those who are recovering from an addiction by assisting them for staying clear and sober. It is unlikely to be enough alone to help an individual overcome an addiction, but it can be of great benefit once people are sober or in the process of getting sober.

Reiki eases the side effects of withdrawal created by chemical dependency. Reiki helps the client feel calm, safe and supported allowing them to release the attachments that may hinder their path to sobriety. There are various methods in Reiki used to assist a client with an addiction.

The techniques used in Reiki for de-addiction, use higher light frequencies to release energy blocks and unwanted patterns thus reprogramming the cellular memory of the client.

Healing Power of Reiki - for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness

Bioresonance Therapy for the treatment of addictions

Bioresonance is based on the fact that everything in our lives gives off a frequency, whether it be a positive or negative one, when negative substances are taken into the human body it gives off a negative frequency.

By using Bioresonance machine, the negative frequency in the body is inverted. It is then returned to the addict, which effectively removes the addiction from the body to a state where the body returns to its former state.

After a treatment of just an hour, the resonance of your body is now just like that of a non-addict. The therapy is completely safe and harmless and can be undergone while you are on medication or if you have certain medical conditions, such as heart problems.

Bioresonance therapy cures the addiction but one must have want to give up smoking and must have a certain amount of will power to overcome the long term daily rituals of addiction.

Understand more about Bioresonance Therapy from - Bioresonance: a new view of medicine

Agnihotra in the treatment of Alcoholism

Performing Agnihotra at home daily relieves the mind from tension, stress, anxiety, leads to greater clarity of thought, improves overall health, gives one increased energy and makes the mind full of love. Agnihotra effects the mind by inducing greater calm and positive thought patterns. Performing agnihotra daily alone is a best de-addiction treatment. Agnihotra can be performed by the addict or any of the family members. For more information and benefits of agnihotra visit "Agnihotra" link.

Along with agnihotra performing Om trayambaka homa for an hour will give excellent results, as it acts as physchotherapy.

To understand more about the effectiveness of Om trayambaka homa please visit the below link

Om Trayambaka Homa for de-addiction

Please browse the below link to view the addiction testimonials after starting agnihotra.

Agnihotra Addiction Testimonials

Crystal Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Healing Crystals are a safe and gentle way to protect against and alleviate ailments of the body and mind.

Let us look at some of the crystals which can help in the treatment of alcoholism.

* Amethyst is considered the Master Healing Stone. An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.

* Obsidian Snowflake helps with balance during times of change, such as recovery and is a good detoxification stone.

* Moss Agate is excellent for addition recovery as it helps with unstable minds and self control issues.

* Rose Quartz helps in releasing impurities from the body, relieving stress and tension. Encourages feelings of peace and calm.

* Calcite, Black Onyx, & Tiger's Eye are a special combination of stones known to provide aid and support during addiction recovery

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