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Brain Based Approaches

What are brain based approaches?

Brain based approaches emphasizes on how the brain learns naturally and is based on what we currently know about the actual structure and function of the human brain at varying developmental stages.

Using the latest brain research, educational techniques that are brain friendly provide a biologically driven framework for creating effective instruction.

Most of the brain based approaches are based on 12 basic principles for achieving the desired goals.

What are the principles of brain based approaches?

Twelve Basic Principles of Brain Based Approaches are:

Brain is a parallel processor

Learning engages the entire physiology

Learning is developmental

Each brain is unique

Every brain perceives and creates parts and wholes simultaneously

Learning always involves conscious and unconscious processes

The search for meaning is innate

Emotions are critical to learning

Learning is enhanced by challenge and inhibited by threat

The search for meaning occurs through patterning

We can organize memory in different ways

The brain is a social brain

Which brain based approaches are available?

We have outlined some excellent brain based approaches for attaining vital health.

* Amen Solution

* Brain Balance Program

Brain Based Approaches