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Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Arthritis

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective healing bone disorders like Arthritis. We have outlined some best Traditional Chinese Medical practices for the Treatment of Arthritis.

You can start using this as complements along with your current treatments initially, and depending on the results you can switch to the best option.

Acupuncture in the treatment of Arthritis

Acupuncture is as an alternative method of treatment for different types of Arthritis. Acupuncture can help the patient to manage Arthritis symptoms naturally.

It may also provide some relief from the negative side effects of the medications already used by the patient.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis by Three-part Acupuncture expounds the pathogeny, pathogenesis, diagnoses and treatment of the rheumatoid arthritis which can be cured by the method of three-part acupuncture as shown in the film.

Acupressure in the treatment of Arthritis

Acupressure is as an alternative method of treatment for Arthritis. Acupressure can help manage Arthritis symptoms by applying physical pressure by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on the specific acupressure points on the body.

Arthritis Relief at Your Fingertips offers acupressure (finger-pressure), mild stretching, and self-massage techniques used for pain relief. This self-help system for arthritis is intended to relax muscles by decreasing joint inflammation and relieving pain. Illustrations and exercise descriptions make up most of the book; included are sections covering daily stretching routines, the 12 basic arthritis relief points, specific body areas, and pain-relieving techniques.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Arthritis

Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic therapy for treating Arthritis. Chinese medicine relieves arthritis by balancing the body and allowing its healing powers to take over.

Curing Arthritis Naturally with Chinese Medicine provides a basic introduction to Chinese self-care and home remedies like self-massage, magnet therapy, and Chinese patent medicines.

Qigong for Arthritis Treatment

Qigong exercises are successfully used in the treatment of arthritis. Qigong is about using the mind to naturally develop and circulate the body's Qi energy for healing or prevent arthritis.

Simple Qigong Exercises for Arthritis Relief demonstrate over 30 simple and effective qigong exercises to relieve arthritis pain and rebuild the health and flexibility of your joints. These qigong movements gradually recondition the joints, and they're a natural way to heal and prevent arthritis. Most of the exercises can be practiced in either a seated or standing position. Also included are simple qigong massage instructions for specific pressure points, which can be practiced by yourself or with a partner. This acupressure massage works to alleviate arthritis by increasing circulation of blood and Qi, which stimulates healing. The exercises and massage techniques on this DVD are categorized by body part, so you may easily find the technique to relieve your own arthritis in just a couple of clicks.

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