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Expressive Art Therapies as Fertility Enhancers

Expressive Arts Therapy uses art and creativity to help people deal with fertility issues effectively and heal them as well.

Art Therapy For Coping Better With Infertility

Art therapies have been found to help women with infertility, cope better with stress, anxiety, and hopelessness.

Art therapy may be a useful intervention, because it facilitates the expression of feelings, both visually and verbally, and may ease emotional distress

Art therapy is an inexpensive, non-pharmacological intervention, which was associated with decreased levels of hope- lessness and depressed mood in subfertile women. It also provides insight into the meaning and emotional implications of subfertility for patients and caregiver.

Art therapy is a relatively new type of intervention that differs from standard cognitive-behavioural ones. It combines psychodynamic, humanistic, educational and other therapeutic approaches. The client creates art images ‘to help express who we are, to express feel- ings and ideas that words cannot and to enhance life through self expression.

Art therapy has the powerful advantage over verbal and written communication of visibly showing clients how they are thinking and feeling, allowing them to acknowledge and understand hidden thoughts and feelings.

Art therapy combines art activities with verbal exploration of the art product to facilitate under-standing of the client’s issues and concerns. The client does not need any artistic ability. In fact, avoiding focus on the ‘quality’ of the work produced is an important element of this work. Instead, ‘art’, as shown in examples throughout this paper, is used a means of concrete rather than verbal communication, allowing both conscious and unconscious expression. There are two main elements to the process: the first is the creation of visual images, which may be very simple and diagrammatic, and the second is their consideration by the patients in concert with a trained art therapist. In a group setting, interaction with other patients provides a further avenue for understanding and support. This approach has been successfully used as a healing tool.

Some holistic fertility programs include art therapy, but its not required to use a fertility-focused therapist or group to gain from the art therapies. Engaging in any of the art therapy activites could be beneficial.

Music Therapy For Enhancing Fertility

Music therapy helps cure infertility as infertility is sometimes directly related to mental stress.

Music therapy can show positive results in post delivery and post operative recovery of patients also.

Fertility Enhancement for Couples provides guided imagination which enhances relaxation and creates positive expectations with regard to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Reducing anxiety has been shown to resolve many fertility issues and double the success rate of IVF.

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