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Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy is the art of using flower material dilutions for balancing physical and emotional disturbances caused in humans.

How does Bach flower essences work?

Bach Therapy is based on the fact that the human being is more than a physical body and the human being incorporates a body of life energy, a body of sensitivity and feelings, and a spiritual body. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants. Dr Bach believed that the flower essences interact with the subtle bodies and can help people with physical illness by addressing the emotional responses to their illness. Each essence is for a particular feeling or frame of mind. Each flower had a different vibration and when a patient with a particular ailment took it, his vibration would change for the better. These flowers have within them the power to raise a man's energy levels and to change his mental make up to a more positive one. When this happens the effects are seen within the body.

How are Bach Flower Remedies prepared?

Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material. The system of 38 plant and flower based essences helps manage the emotional demands of everyday life, and are produced using Dr Bach's original methods.

What are the side-effects of Bach flower therapy?

Bach flower remedies doesnt have any side-effects. Even if one were to take the wrong flower remedy, while it would not have a positive effect on the mind, there would be no negative or side effects which is what makes these remedies so safe.

How many Bach remedies are available?

There are 38 original Bach remedies each prescribed for certain mental and emotional problems. They form a complete therapeutic system. Practitioners treat every variety of human emotional imbalance with the 38 Bach flower essences. Bach flower remedies can be either acquired from homeopathic store or any online store selling bach remedies.

How can we acquire the Bach Flower remedies?

We can buy bach remedies from homeo stores or through online stores selling bach remedies.

How to choose a Bach flower remedy for a particular condition?

By reading the descriptions of the most suitable flowers for your symptoms we can choose the ones that seem more appropriate.

Can we use Bach flower remedies for infants and children?

Bach remedies can be taken by infants, children, adults.

Bach Flower Remedies for Children: A Parents' Guide is a friendly and easy-to-use book to help parents care for their children's well-being on a daily basis through bach flower remedies.

Can Bach flower remedies help for dealing with Women related problems?

Bach flower remedies benefit women in dealing with various conditions ranging from menstrual pain to issues of emotional balance.

Bach Flower Remedies For Women is the woman’s guide to using the world-famous Bach Flower Remedies. It explains how the Bach system works and its potential benefits for women.

Can Bach flower remedies help for dealing with emotional problems?

Bach flower remedies are effective for dealing with emotional problems.

Bach Flowers for Crisis Care: Remedies for Emotional and Psychological Well-being shows how each of the 38 flower remedies support a different aspect of the psychic potential of human nature.

Can we use Bach flower remedies for pets?

Bach remedies can be given to pets and even sprayed on plants.

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals offers descriptions of 38 Bach Flower Remedies and their application to the treatment of a range of domestic animals, including horses

What is the usual dose of Bach Flower Remedy?

The Bach Flower dosage for most ailments is two drops of the remedy four times a day. One should see that they dont eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before and after the dose. The first dose should be on an empty stomach in the morning.

Can we use Bach Flower Remedy along with allopathic medicines?

Bach remedies can be used with other medicines including allopathic medication as well. They do not affect them.

How to learn Bach flower therapy?

Bach Flower Therapy is a self learning holistic healing modality which can be learnt very easily through self reading. There are various bach therapy courses available online through which bach flower therapy can be learnt very easily.

The Bach Remedies Workbook: A Study Course in the Bach Flower Remedies is a complete, self-contained course in the selection and use of the Bach Flower Remedies. The course begins with first principles, then in seven progressive sections covers all 38 of the remedies and their uses.

Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners: 38 Essences that Heal from Deep Within (For Beginners (Llewellyn's)) is a comprehesive guide to the use of these powerful healing gifts from the earth. Whether you're just starting to explore the world of alternative healing or you're experienced practitioner, this book is a valuable healing resource.

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is a complete reference for everyone who want to study and practices bach flower therapy. This book includes the latest information on Bach flower remedies, combination remedies, diagnosis, instructions for prepartion, body maps, and more. This book illustrates with color plates of the Bach flowers and Kirlian photographs of the energy signature of each flower.

How to learn advanced Bach flower therapy?

Advanced Bach Flower Therapy: A Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment is the most important tool for anyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of floral essences.

Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice describes the remedies in such a way that patients taking them will gain deeper insight into the remedies underlying psychological concepts, thereby enhancing the potential for self-healing. This book is intended for practitioners and lay readers alike, the book includes lists of symptoms to facilitate diagnosis.

Which bach remedies can be used in the treatment of ADHD in children?

ADHD symptoms can be broken down into two categories (inline with bach remedies) Inattentive and Hyperactive.

Bach Flower Remedies for inattentive children:

Chestnut Bud: This is powerful remedy is useful for learning especially when the child makes the same mistakes but fails to learn from them. Chestnut bud is good for all types of learning disabilities, concentration and attention.

Clematis: This essence is for the dreamer; the child whose head always seems to be in the clouds. Clematis can help your child be present, focused and attentive to the task at hand. This remedy is good for children who drift off, whether from lack of interest or mental laziness.

Gentian: This essence helps to bring confidence to children after a setback; gentian enhances perseverance, confidence and faith.

Gorse:This is a powerful remedy for treating pessimism and a sense of hopelessness. Children suffering in this state see no point in trying because they lack faith in a positive outcome. This remedy builds optimism by supporting a sunnier outlook on life.

Hornbeam: This essence is useful for the ‘Monday Morning’ feeling that kids may experience as they dread going to school. It is helpful for staving off procrastination, it helps one to organize better and gather inspiration. Good for those who tire out due to sitting too much.

Larch: This essence helps with confidence; good for students who are shy, timid or don’t feel confident enough to embrace their school work. Larch is very useful when beginning to study a new topic or learning a new language or instrument; it helps one to make an effort and ’stay the course’.

Water Violet: This essence is for the child who withdraws from others, feels isolated and not part of the group. Those needing this remedy seem anti-social and emotionally cold. This remedy helps one feel comfortable within groups and around others.

Wild Oat: This remedy is good for children who feel lost, confused because things do not seem clear cut for you as they do for others. This essence will help a child feel their uniqueness and apply their talents.

Wild Rose: This essence helps the student to overcome apathy and take a renewed enthusiastic approach to school work. This essence is extremely helpful for those in the learning environment. Wild rose has tremendous potential to activate the will and encourage tenacity. The benefits of these qualities can go a long way to enhancing performance and renewing interest in school and learning.

Bach Flower Remedies for Hyperactive children

Cerato: This essence helps the child feel a greater connection with their own wisdom. It helps to build intuition and fosters interest and encourages eagerness with regards to learning.

Heather: This remedy will help those who talk excessively when not appropriate. It is for children who misbehave in this way and use acting out as a way to get attention. It helps the child feel quite within themselves and learn emotional self reliance.

Impatiens: This remedy if for the quick acting child who makes rash choices. For the child who has difficulty relaxing and exhibits impatience and can’t sit still.

Scleranthus: This is the flower essence for balance, it encourages a balance between rest and activity. For the hyperactive child this with a quick fuse, for those who are fidgety and exhibit erratic behavior. This essence helps with concentration and focus. It also helps to restore in balance and balanced activity.

Vervain: This remedy is for the hyperactive child who’s energy is seems boundless. Vervain will help to balance the child’s energy, so they know when to be active and when to rest.

Vine: This Bach remedy is for children who has difficulty obeying and following rules.

White Chestnut: This essence is helpful for calming an overactive mind that is characterized by mental chatter. Those needing this remedy are stuck in their heads along with repetitive thoughts that just race incessantly. Useful to bring calm to the over active mind of a child

Select up to 5 Bach flower remedies from the categories listed. Blend these remedies into a single dosage bottle or have us do it for you in our store. The dosage bottle should be administered 3-4 times a day. You can do this by adding 4 drops to a water or juice bottle or the remedy can be taken from the bottle. You may begin to notice a shift in behavior within 1-2 weeks or possibly sooner. These remedies are entirely safe, there are NO contraindications or side effects. And if you’ve selected the wrong essence there will be NO side effects or adverse reactions.

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