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AtlasPROfilax® is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).

What is Atlas?

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and along with the second vertebra, the axis forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine.

The atlas (C1) not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton.

Who developed AtlasPROfilax?

Rene C. Schumperli developed a revolutionary method that successful aligns the atlas vertebra without cracking, rough handling or traction, in only one session. After the vibrational massage of the short muscles of the neck, the atlas can move in its natural position.

What is the effect of AtlasPROfilax session?

The release of muscular tension in the neck corrects ligamentous and muscular compression on the atlas vertebra, producing a positive effect on the body and stimulating the healing capacity.

Once the atlas is corrected, not only does your physical body get back in balance, you don’t limp anymore, but your life energy starts to finally flow freely, and therefore opens up your spiritual channels, so you can see more, feel more, experience more.

The method is non-medical and is non-chiropractic.

Is AtlasPROfilax safe?

AtlasPROfilax® is a safe, effective, one-time application and does not pose any health risk.

The AtlasPROfilax® method does not pose any health risk because the mechanical vibration is tailored to each individual and works without any manipulation or direct contact to the atlas vertebra. The application works only on the short muscles of the neck in order to let the atlas move into its natural and stable position.

The AtlasPROfilax application can be performed only by an AtlasPROfilax specialist (Atlasprof) who has been educated and certified at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.

What are the reasons for dislocation of Atlas?

Many years of clinical research have shown that the first cervical vertebra, atlas, is more or less malrotated form birth, in almost all humans. Trauma such a whiplash, slips and falls, or any sports injuries can push the atlas vertebra in an even worth position, and therefore be the cause of many health problems.

How is AtlasPROfilax treatment carried out?

AtlasPROfilax technique uses a tool developed to pulsate at a certain frequency which gently relaxes the muscles holding the Atlas allowing it to be repositioned.

The tool used in this technique looks somewhat like an oversized electric toothbrush. It's a bit longer and sturdier, and instead of having a brush on the end, it has a flat circular shaped ending about the size of a dime. This is covered with felt to soften the effect when it's placed up against the Atlas.

How is atlas dislocation diagnosed by AtlasPROfilax practitioners?

An Atlas Profilax practitioner seems to only have to check your neck area with his hands to determine whether the Atlas is out of place or not.

What are the effects of mal-rotated atlas?

Living with a mal-rotated atlas is like limping all your life. When the atlas is misaligned it causes the head to tilt, and the spine compensates the malrotation of the atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint, trying to maintain the center of gravity. This will cause neck pain and lower back pain, and impacts the entire spine.

At the atlas vertebra cerebral nerves, arteries, veins, spinal cord and spinal fluid pass through the opening at the base of the skull.

A misalignment of the atlas leads to continuos pressure on the spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic channels causing serious physical and mental problems, including significant adverse changes in posture. The spine compensates the malrotation of the atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint, causing lower back and/or leg pain.

The malrotation of the atlas could also have a negative impact on muscles, joints, eyes, ears, jaw, nerves, circulatory system, organs of equilibrium and interior organs.

What are the benefits of correcting atlas position?

An atlas in its correct position optimizes circulation and shifts the center of gravity, thus reducing, or eliminating headaches, migraines, vertigo, neck stiffness, back pain and many other health problems.

When the Atlas is in its correct position, the brain can function undisturbed. This promotes a feeling of harmony, setting self-healing and regenerative processes on course throughout the body. The entire human organism begins to function to its fullest potential.

The healing duration is dependent on the physical constitution of each individual. Your body will regain its natural vital strength and you will feel its regeneration process accordingly.

How long does it take to see the results after AtlasPROfilax treatment?

Body cells and organs do not regenerate overnight. Likewise the restoration of skeleton balance and posture improve gradually. After the relocation of the Atlas by the AtlasPROfilax® Wellness treatment, a person responds according to their individual physical and psychological condition.

Healing is immediately initiated and many symptoms are relieved. While others, especially those whose bodies have never functioned correctly or with full capacity may require more patience.

What are the possible after effects of AtlasPROfilax treatment?

Following the AtlasPROfilax® Wellness treatment, it is possible that you will experience a variety of responses all of which indicate self-healing has begun. These may include tiredness and muscle tension around the neck and lumbar region.

You may experience mild versions of past ailments which have not completely healed. They can present themselves temporarily and in changed form. We recommend you observe your body carefully and write down changes in the way you feel. Support the self-healing process with regular back and neck massages as well as relaxing baths.

How does AtlasPROfilax® method differ from General Chiropractic treatment?

One of the most obvious differences is the gentle way in which the practitioner works. No strenuous manipulation is needed. The method consists in applying a patented device, AtlasPROfilax® Wellness, on the short neck musculature to loosen the existing tensions and allow the atlas to naturally come back into its position. The patient will feel a gentle vibration during treatment. The AtlasPROfilax® method works on freeing the soft tissue and musculature around the vertebrae but not on the vertebrae itself.

There is no popping, twisting or cracking of the neck or any cervical.

How much time does the AtlasPROfilax treatment take?

The application of the AtlasPROfilax® method takes two scheduled appointments:

1st appointment will take around 60 minutes for Informative conversation, Filling out client intake form, Assessment.

Application of AtlasPROfilax® treatment Follow up appointment takes around 30 minutes to Fill out feedback form, Assessment, Upper/lower back massage with a thumper.

Where do I find a certified AtlasPROfilax® practitioner, a so-called Atlasprof®?

Only Atlasprofs who are listed in our Official Directory of the international website or other national, regional or continental sites are working according to the ethics, rules and prerequisites set by the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland® and the International Association of Qualified Atlasprof®s (IAQA).

Each Atlasprof has to undergo an annual Quality Control Test and commit himself/herself to work according to the rules and regulations of the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.

Who can give the best Atlasprofilax treatment?

The Atlasprofilax® method can and must only be practiced precisely and safely by an atlas specialist – so-called Atlasprof® – educated at the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland®. Only those Atlasprof®s who are listed in the Official Directory on this website are authorized to do so and meet the quality standards of both the International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs (IAQA) and the AtlasPROfilax Academy Switzerland.

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