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Writing Therapy

Writing therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the act of writing and processing the written word as therapy. Writing therapy posits that writing one's feelings gradually eases feelings of emotional trauma.

What is the focus of Journal Therapy?

Journal therapy is a type of writing therapy that focuses on the writer’s internal experiences, thoughts and feelings.

What kind of clarity can Journal Therapy provide to the client?

Journal therapy uses reflective writing so that the writer can receive mental and emotional clarity, validate experiences and come to a deeper understanding of him or herself.

Journal therapy can also be used to express difficult material or access previously inaccessible material.

Which conditions can be healed through Journal Therapy?

Journal therapy has been used effectively for grief and loss, coping with life-threatening or chronic illness, recovery from addictions, eating disorders and trauma; repairing troubled marriages and family relationships, increasing communication skills, developing healthier self-esteem; getting a better perspective on life, and clarifying life goals.

How is Journal Therapy conducted?

Journal therapy can be added to any therapy, or can take place in group therapy or self-directed therapy.

Writing therapeutically can take place individually or in a group and it can be administered in person with a therapist or remotely through mailing or the Internet

What are the benefits of Journal Therapy in addiction treatment?

Benefits of Journal Therapy in addiction treatment are:

It allows addicts to learn more about themselves.

It reduces stress levels.

It encourages accountability.

It tracks progress.

It makes addicts feel more in tune to their inner emotions.

It encourages people to think clearly and critically.

It reminds addicts of how far they have come.

There is no judging from others.

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