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Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning Fork Therapy is an alternative medicine procedure in which tuning forks are struck or rung and placed on or near the body.

Tuning Fork Therapy is a sound therapy

Practitioners of tuning fork therapy claim that it can help several illnesses and disorders, and can help to improve mental clarity, relieve stress, improves concentration, and integrates thought patterns. Practitioners claim relief of the symptoms associated with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and learning difficulties.

Sound therapy uses tuning forks applied to injury or poorly functioning anatomy, as well as energy centers, or chakras. The fork is struck and placed in the area of the body for altering the vibration within. Forks are tuned to aid in striking a different note or tone to address different issues, and are said to help rejuvenate the organs and tissues around the area in which the forks are placed. The sound of the tone, as perceived through the ear, is said to clear the mind and help address concentration issues.

Tuning fork therapy has many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits.

Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy:

* Allows peace of mind
* Less anxiety/worry
* More balanced life

Tuning Fork Therapy Helps:

* Insomnia
* Sinusitis
* Colds
* Coughs
* Chest infections
* Tinnitus
* Migraine
* Headaches
* Cuts and graze
* Insect bites
* Gastritis
* Digestive problems
* Nausea and sickness
* Period pains
* Mood swings
* Tiredness
* Muscle tensions
* Wound healing
* Sore throat
* Low mood
* Less need for stimulants
* Aches and pains
* Facilitates Healthy living
* Releasing past hurt
* Fills a void
* Integrates systems to harmonise
* Removing and letting go of things
* Completeness

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