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Coconut Oil Therapy

Coconut oil contains saturated fat called medium chain triglycerides(MCT), which can be broken down quickly by liver. MCT is a water soluble fat which makes our bodies to absorb the energy generated by them fastly. Regular intake of coconut oil can be beneficial for detoxification. Organic virgin form of coconut oil is very beneficial for us.

How can coconut oil help us for weight loss?

Oil ingestion of organic virgin Coconut oil helps in weight loss Coconut oil helps in weight loss :

1. By slowing the digestion of food by making us feel full longer and thereby curbing cravings

2. Coconut oil fights blood sugar fluctuations

3. Coconut oil burns calories faster thereby reducing our workout time.

4. Coconut oil improves metabolism rate upto 48%.

5. It destroys candida, which causes putting on weight, fatigue and feeling of snacking on carbohydrates etc.

6. Coconut oil produces energy but not fat.

Make sure you start taking one teaspoon of coconut oil 20 minutes before your meal.

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Can Coconut Oil fight Hair Loss?

The moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil may help combat hair loss. Consistent usage of coconut oil can remove dead cells from the scalp and revitalize hair.

With the usage of organic virgin coconut oil the chances of growing lost hair increase significantly. Coconut oil also has the capacity of healing fungal infection which may cause dandruff.

How can Coconut Oil help in Skin Care?

* Coconut oil can act as a natural exfoliator for removing dead skin cells from the surface of skin. Although exfoliation happens naturally, accelerating the exfoliation process through coconut oil helps in the regeneration of new cells and there by leaving younger looking skin.

* Saturated fats with medium-chain triglycerides present in Coconut Oil, can smoothen and moisturize skin.

* Lauric acid is a natural antibiotic present in pure Coconut oil. Lauric acid has antiseptic and anti-infammatory content capable of healing skin infections, viruses, belmishes, itchiness and scarring. Pure Coconut Oil is therefore an ideal product for sufferers from acne, psoriasis or eczema.

* Vitamin K and E found in Coconut Oil are important skin vitamins. Vitamin K helps moisturize skin while vitamin E helps keep skin smoother, younger looking and removes wrinkles and skin imperfections.

To gain all the above benefits one has to use Pure Organic coconut oil which is unrefined. Oragic Coconut Oil retains high amount of antioxidants which can reach deep into the underlying connective skin tissues and stop the formation of radicals.

What are the benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin?

Benefits of Oraginc unrefined Coconut Oil in Skin are:

1. Coconut Oil is an excellent moisturizer and exfoilator.

2. Coconut Oil can soften the skin by increasing the lipid levels of skin surface.

3. Coconut Oil nourishes skin by providing medium chain fatty acids which can be absorbed into the skin through the mitochondria.

4. Coconut Oil can smoothen wrinkles.

5. Coconut Oil fights acne through lauric acid which can kill bacteria responsible for acne formation.

6. Coconut Oil helps in healing wounds faster and kills lice and repels mosquitos.

7. Coconut Oil deodorizes skin effectively.

Coconut Oil cannot solve the root cause of acne, but it may help keep acne under control while you try to address the underlying problems.

What are the different methods of using Coconut Oil for Skin Care?

1. Usage of skin care products fortified with coconut oil.

2. Adding coconut oil to skin care products used by you.

3. Using raw organic virgin coconut oil topically. Although this oil is intended for oral use, it may also be applied on skin topically on dry areas by massaging and allowing it to be absorbed completely.

4. Taking coconut oil orally through coconut oil soft gel capsules or ingesting the therapeutic grade coconut oil.

What are the side effects of using Coconut Oil?

1. The overall feeling of being greasy is a common side effect.

2. Allergic reactions may also happen but is very rare in which case discontinue usage and seek medical help.

3. Gastrointestinal problems often arise on the initial week of using oral therapeutic grade coconut oil or VCO. These will disappear after a week or two.

4. A slight increase in cholesterol levels is common in taking coconut oil or VCO. Therefore its a must to stick to the allowable limits of saturated fats in your daily diet.\

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