Digital therapeutics are successfully used to treat anxiety.

Digital therapeutics are digital solutions which are aimed at changing patient behavior and lifestyle, with the help of a smartphone and delivered through an app. With Digital therapeutics notifications and reminders can reach the patient at any time of day as and when required.

As digital therapeutics are connected interventions healthcare professionals can efficiently collect and analyze patient data, which in turn enables personalized treatment.

Personalized treatment is an vital when dealing with depression because the underlying causes for depression can vary greatly from person to person. With Digital Therapeutics a remote licensed therapist monitors patients in real-time and getting the patient’s daily mood and bi-weekly questionnaire results to a dedicated network of therapists happens seamlessly.

The mobile application on the patients smartphone prompts to complete a symptom questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the data gets uploaded onto a clinician dashboard and is used for patient monitoring.

The dashboard shows results in a clear and easy to understand manner. With digital therapeutics the therapists always have up to date information on how their patients are doing.

Big Health’s digital therapeutic resolves anxiety in 71% of users

Daylight is a fully-automated yet highly personalized mobile app built by experts at building emotional connection at scale.

Daylight listens and talks to you, understands your challenges and goals, and guides you through learning and practicing proven strategies for reducing worry and anxiety in your life.

Daylight is developed based on practical techniques that are proven to work based on cognitive and behavioral techniques for worry.

Daylight learns about you, your challenges, and your goals to personalize your program, and it responds to how you’re feeling in the moment to provide relevant help wherever and whenever you need it.

Landmark Randomized Controlled Trial Demonstrates Efficacy of Big Health’s Dayligh Digital Therapeutic in Improving Anxiety study concludes that more than 70% of individuals using Big Health’s newest digital therapeutic, Daylight, achieved remission of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) within 10 weeks, and the benefit persisted for at least six months, according to results published in the journal Depression and Anxiety.

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Meru Health for Anxiety

Meru Health is an extremely promising digital therapeutic solution for anxiety.

Meru uses a mind/body approach to guide people step-by-step towards better and long-lasting mental health.

Symptom Reduction During the 12 week Program Measured with industry standard PHQ-9 (Depression) & GAD-7 (Anxiety) SCALE. On average, participants experience a 41% reduction in anxiety symptoms and a 54% decrease in depressive symptoms during the 12 week program.

Meru offers two approaches:

  • Meru Health’s 12-week mind/body treatment combines therapist and psychiatrist support, a biofeedback training device, anonymous peer support, meditation practices, & habit-changing activities for sleep, nutrition, and more.
  • Meru Health’s 8-week prevention program combines 5 video coaching sessions, evidence-based content for increasing resiliency and emotional intelligence, & proactive care support.

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Happify intervention program

Happify, a digital well-being intervention program drawing from multiple theoretical traditions to target well-being, has already been established as an efficacious means of improving well-being in both distressed and non-distressed users.

Happify Health delivers clinically-validated, digital therapeutics platform grounded in science which delivers a dynamic user experience so delightfully in building healthier habits feels effortless. Happify Health makes managing mental health and well-being not just possible, but fun.

Happify Health focuses on behavior change, incorporating all of the behavior change disciplines including positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and others.

Happify Health provides consumer-centric experience that is highly personalized, de-stigmatized, fun & engaging, and designed to fit into an individual’s life when and how they want it.

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The Effects of a Digital Well-Being Intervention on Patients With Chronic Conditions: Observational Study, data from this study support the conclusion that users with a chronic condition experienced significant improvement over time. Despite reporting lower subjective well-being on the whole, their change trajectory while using Happify was equivalent to those without a chronic condition. Consistent with past research, users who completed more activities over a longer period showed the most improvement. In short, the presence of a chronic condition did not prevent users from showing improved well-being when using Happify.

Silver Cloud Digital Mental Health Platform

SilverCloud Health is the world’s leading digital mental health company, enabling healthcare organisations to deliver clinically validated digital health/therapeutic care that improves outcomes, increases access and scale while reducing costs. The company’s multi-award-winning digital mental health platform is a result of over 16 years of clinical research with leading academic institutions. Today, SilverCloud is being used by over 250 organisations globally to meet their populations’ mental health needs. Global experts have deeply validated the platform through full randomised control trials and real-world data from over 300,000 SilverCloud users.

The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement, and range of clinical programmes that encompass the spectrum of mental health needs like depression, anxiety etc.

Studies supporting the effectiveness of digital mental health interventions can be found @ Digital mental health interventions have significant long-term impact on anxiety and depression recovery, suggests new research.

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