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Is it yeast infection or ADHD?

As we all know the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder consist of inability to sit still, jumping from place to place, trouble focusing, difficulty remembering facts or what was read, and so on.

Interestingly the symptoms of a systemic (internal) yeast infection are much the same. Trouble remembering facts, inability to concentrate, jumping from one thing to the next, and so on.

A study supporting the link between yeast infection and ADHD or any mental illness can be found @ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23784606.

Where can we find yeast in human body?

The yeast Candida albicans exists inside our intestinal tract, which can also be found at times in the mouth and in the vagina. Sometimes this yeast overgrows and the doctor recognizes this overgrowth of yeast as a yeast infection of the vagina or in the mouth, where this infection is commonly called thrush.

How does yeast infection occur?

Many infants who had ear infections or strep throat a couple of times receive antibiotics to kill off the bad bacteria that caused the infection.

Antibiotics don't typically discriminate between bad bacteria and good bacteria. In the meantime, the repeated rounds of antibiotics have killed off the healthy bacteria too.

Yeast is a normal part of the human body, but when antibiotics are repeated too many times, the healthy bacteria that keeps the yeast in the lower portion of the body are reduced. Thus the yeast spread internally - they "eat" the mucus lining of the intestines that protect us and proliferate.

How can yeast infection create concentration and attention issues?

Yeast make a number of chemical compounds which are then picked up and absorbed into the body. These compounds are quite toxic to the nervous system. These compounds include toxic alcohols and aldehydes, as well as the powerful nervous system poison hydrogen sulfide. Alcohols depress the nervous system and at least some aldehydes are anesthetic agents, which of course put the brain to sleep.

These chemicals slow the brain down so that the brain no longer works correctly. These chemicals should be cleared by the liver so that these chemicals never reach the brain. However in some people, these chemicals are apparently not cleared, reach the brain, and cause symptoms such as inattention and difficulty with concentration.

How to get rid of external yeast infection?

Creams are useful for the outside parts of the body, but not to reduce the overgrowth internally (systemically).

Which foods aggrevate yeast infection?

The yeast craves certain foods, particularly sugar, carbohydrates, fruits, and anything that ferments. If your child "has-to-have" cookies, pizzas, and candy, you know what it is like. Kids who say they are starving, take a few bites, leave the table, and come back again, are likely to have yeast overgrowth. They become bloated and gassy. They get tired easily, tend to have dark circles under their eyes, and cold hands and feet.

How does a an ADHD child differ from an yeast infected child?

Both the ADHD child and the yeast infected child exhibit many of the same symptoms. In my opinion, the real difference between the ADHD child and the child with the yeast overgrowth is that the yeast infected child is sick more often. They get headaches, stomach aches, more allergies, diarrhea, constipation, and so on. They tend to whine a lot. They are often considered "hypochondriacs", while they really are not.

Actually, the sicker a child is, the more likely yeast is to blame. That is because the yeast seems to travel.

How to get rid of yeast infection?

There are antifungal medications available by a doctor's prescription, while health food stores offer anti-yeast preparations. For example, acidophilus (an active culture in yogurt) replace the good bacteria into the system. Probiotics come in liquid and pill form. Even garlic has some antifungal properties.

Some experts believe that simply changing your child's diet will get rid of the yeast overgrowth.

By eliminating sugar, fruits, and carbohydrates, the yeast may not grow as rapidly, but other measures are required. Not all doctors, homeopaths, or nutritionists agree either.

If you are a parent, you know how difficult it is to take away all sugars and carbohydrates. Reduce them whenever you can, but to fully stop those foods is nearly impossible.

Yeast prone kids and adults are more affected by dust mites as well. Try putting a plastic cover that surrounds the entire mattress top and bottom to reduce susceptibility. Keep few stuffed animals in their room. Put other stuffed animals in air tight bags for when it is time to rotate them.

Can you get rid of the ADHD label by treating yeast infection?

If you are fortunate and work with a good health food store, do the research, and have a willing pediatrician, you just might find that your ADHD child will calm down and focus, thereby avoiding the need for the ADHD label or medications. It is certainly worth a try!

There is a chance that the symptoms can be alleviated by "curing" the yeast infection before trying the medication.

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