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Why Holistic Therapies can possibly heal ADHD/ADD?

Holistic Therapies consider each individual in whole i.e. body, mind, spirit and emotions in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

The primary goal of holistic therapy is to achieve hormony of mind, body and spirit.

What are holistic therapies, and do they work to treat ADHD?

Holistic Therapies refer to treatments other than conventional medicine(those typically prescribed by medical practitioners), including herbal medicine, non-medication therapies, homeopathy and nutrition treatments.

ADHD holistic treatments range from diet restrictions to herbal products, energy healing, meditation, yoga,.. etc. Results vary, depending on the individual and the treatment being used.

Many of the holistic therapies are effective in managing ADHD symptoms without any side-effects.

In which circumstances alternative treatments are considered for ADHD currently?

There are a number of reasons why someone may choose to consider alternative treatments.

* There are individuals and parents who have concerns about using medication, especially with young children, without knowing how they will react, or for how long they might be on it.

* Others have read or heard about problems with traditional treatments, and so have fears about going down that road themselves.

* There is also the possibility that you or your child have not responded well to the 'traditional' ADHD treatments, and so need to explore other alternatives. Perhaps you are considering adding a complimentary treatment to your current treatment plan.

Whatever are the reasons behind exploring alternatives, self-education is always advisable. Beyond the point that the earlier the intervention is implemented the better, there are no serious problems keeping your options open and experimenting with different ways to manage ADHD.

When can we start using alternative treatments for the treatment of ADHD?

We can use alternative treatments for the treatment of ADHD

* When you suspect an ADHD diagnosis

* When you are diagnosed by ADHD formally and starting using medication.

* When you are diagnosed by ADHD formally and not yet started using medication considering the side-effects of medication

* When you are using any other therapy for managing ADHD symptoms.

Alternative therapies can be used for the treatment of ADHD anytime, as they are free from side-effects and do not interfere with any other medical processes.

Why Holistic Therapies can possibly heal ADHD/ADD?

Holistic therapies can possibly heal ADHD as they identify the root cause of ADHD/ADD by considering body, mind and spirit as a whole.

Holistic therapies aim to identify the root cause of ADHD and heal the disorder at the appropriate level of our body there by hormonizing body, mind and spirit to work in union or hormony with each other.

Why Holistic Therapies can taking back seat for the treatment of ADHD/ADD when compared to conventional medicine?

* Most of the people are not aware of the availability of holistic therapies.

* People are very much used to conventional medicine, which can mask the symptoms temporarily and immediately.

* Some people explore one holistic therapy and if it doest work they generally stop without researching for the other options which could help them.

* Some are very much biased with conventional medicine that they dont even explore holistic treatments.

* It is also cumbersome to find certified and reliable holistic therapist in certain cases.

On a whole people across the globe are missing out the benefits of holisitc therapies either due to less awareness or unavailabilty of therapist.

Do we have any scientific research on Holistic Therapies for ADD/ADHD?

Holistic Therapies lack independent research to validate many of the claims made about their efficiency in healing ADD/ADHD. There is some limited research on some of these treatments.

Are Alternative treatments safer than medications in the treatment of ADHD?

Many of the alternative treatments are completely safe.

Improved nutrition never hurts anyone, Meditation and yoga can improve the overall health without any side-effects.

Energy therapy like pranic healing and Reiki are completely safe.

Homeopathy, bach therapy, cell salt therapy etc are completely safe therapies which can be used effectively for managing ADHD symptoms without any side-effects.

Are any of these alternative treatments dangerous?

Some alternative treatments may actually have a higher risk than the products that they claim to replace.

Especially when using herbs one has to be very careful and check with the medical practitioner to see whether their functioning effects the course of current medication.

Can I combine stimulant medications like Ritalin with some of the Alternative Treatments?

It depends on what we are trying to combining. If you are combining Ritalin with improved nutrition, there is no risk and you may help as it's hard to pay attention when you are malnourished.

We can also combine medication with energy healing, yoga, meditation and behavior therapies safely.

But combining herbs like St. John's Wort with an antidepressant can cause major problems. Always tell your doctor about any herbal products or nutritional supplements that you may be using.

Are Holistic Therapies for ADHD such as herbal treatment regulated by any government agency?

Most alternative treatments are not regulated by the FDA.

Are alternative therapies for ADHD covered by insurance plans?

Most of the alternative therapies are usually not covered by insurance plans.

What are the major question to ask to understand the effectiveness of alternative treatments for ADHD?

* One has to be careful when a single case study or only one testimonial is provided as evidence to support their claims of effectiveness.

* If the treatment claims to work for everyone with ADHD, this is probably not true, because no treatment works for everyone.

Another important question to ask is how credible is the source and the treatment.

• Who is promoting the treatment, what are their credentials?

• Is the source and/or the treatment supported by a respected professional body?

While there is no harm in considering all of your options, make sure that you know the risks associated with any alternative or traditional form of treatment. Be advised that early intervention is recommended, and the earlier the better.

This page is dedicated for bring awareness of ancient healing modalities across the globe, which have exceptional healing capabilities.

Why alternative ADHD therapies are termed controversial?

Keeping alternative medicines controversial keeps the conventional medical community satisfied with researching new drugs.

Many alternative therapies are thoroughly researched, but are labeled controversial as conventional medical community approves solutions only when they are derived out of tangible entities like medication.

Why are there fewer research studies about alternative ADHD treatments?

Most of the research and studies are funded by drug companies which leaves the health care industries with very little research on alternative ADHD therapies.

However, there are several therapies that anecdotally have been proven to work.

What are the advantages of Alternative therapies for ADHD when compared to conventional medicine?

The advantages of Alternative therapies for ADHD over conventional ADHD treatment is that they give you multiple options.

They provide various alternatives for identifying the imbalances in various layers and your subtle bodies and heal them.

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