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Best Resources for ADHD Spouses/Partners

List of books to guide the spouses or partners with better half's struggling with ADD/ADHD. These books can guide them to lead successfull lifes by managing their partners in better way.

The ADHD Effect on Marriage is an invaluable resource for couples in which one of the partners suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It authoritatively guides couples in troubled marriages towards an understanding and appreciation for the struggles and triumphs of a relationship affected by ADHD, and to look at the disorder in a more positive and less disruptive way.

The ADHD Marriage Workbook permits couples to tackle their joint concerns in a planful, systematic manner. This workbook is full of helpful strategies that will enable intimate partners understand and negotiate the confusion.

A.D.D. & Romance explains how attention deficit disorder can damage romantic relationships when partners do not take time, or do not know how, to address this unique problem. The book aims to give people with A.D.D. and their partners the tools they need to build and sustain a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship

Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? offers hope and guidance to the millions of adults whose lives have been challenged by ADHD, by providing clear and useful ideas and a richly elaborated framework for addressing the myriad stresses that ADHD imposes upon intimacy and friendship. Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D? is a comprehensive guide for recognizing the behaviors where you least expect them and developing compassion for couples wrestling with unrecognized ADHD symptoms. It also offers the latest information from top experts, plenty of real- life details, and easy-to-understand guidelines for finding the best treatment options and practical solutions. Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D? is highly to all couples whose troubles seem incomprehensible, and for all couples therapists it should be required reading to help them distinguish between ordinary conflict and the roller coaster of ADHD syndrome.

Book on Understanding Women with ADHD

Understanding Women With AD/HD is designed to be a practical and readable guide for to understand women with ADHD at any age, with special chapters focusing on different stages of life.

Women With Attention Deficit Disorder explores treatment and counseling options, and uses real-life case histories to examine the special challenges women with ADD and ADHD face, such as the shame of not fulfilling societal expectations. This book is a must read for any women who either suspects or knows they or a female loved-one may be adhd/add.

Book for guidance on Optimizing ADHD Treatment

Optimizing ADHD Treatment throws insight on the most common comorbid disorders that co-exist with ADHD, their association, effects and impact on the treatment planning so as to optimize the treatment.

Resources about the Spiritual and Moral Challenges faced by ADHD

Impulse a Handbook for the Moral and Spiritual Challenges of ADHD. This is a ground-breaking handbook for those of us who want and need to hear from professionals who understand the challenges faced by children and adults in religious environments.

Best Resources