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Can Overstimulation trigger or aggrevate ADHD symptoms

Many people with ADHD experience bouts of overstimulation, in which they feel bombarded by overwhelming sights and sounds. Crowded venues, such as concert halls and amusement parks, may trigger ADHD symptoms.

What is Overstimulation?

Overstimulation is the brain's response when there is a lot going on. You need to look at overstimulation knowing that ADD is a brain that does not produce enough dopamine as a normal brain would. There are underactive areas of the ADD brain in the prefrontal cortex (I think I'm right on the region). So, it's normal in ADD world to feel overstimulation remembering that we have underactive areas of our brain.

When does Overstimulation occur?

Overstimulation occurs when there is too much stimuli (imformation) coming into the ADD brain. The symptoms of this maybe a jello like feeling in the brain. Jello that is being shaken slightly.

What could trigger Overstimulation in people with ADHD?

* Concert hall, crowds chatting (usually drunk), angry security and staff members, 4-6 band members on a stage, colourful lights, flashing lights, smells, heat, music far too loud even with ear plugs.

* when two people talk to an ADHD person at once.

* feeling that one has so many projects to attend to that one cannot settle to one or the other, being irritable, fidgety,unable to rest.

* You might experience this when someone gives you directions and you aren't able to absorb/process the information.

What could be the physical response of Overstimulation in people with ADHD?

Overstimulation usually produces overarousal- racing heart/dry mouth/muscle tension/tremor/headaches.

What could be the emotional response of Overstimulation in people with ADHD?

Overstimulation usually makes them upset, angry, cry, rant, rave, etc...

How to overcome Overstimulation in people suffering with ADHD?

Relaxation training can help in turning off physical reaction. Meditation can teach the ability to let go of thoughts and thus maintain a clear, uncluttered mind. Self hypnosis training can also be effective in overcoming overstimulation.

How to avoid Overstimulation?

Allowing adequate personal space is important for preventing outbursts, so avoiding crowded restaurants, rush hour congestion, busy supermarkets, and high-traffic malls may help diminish troublesome ADHD symptoms.

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