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Nutrition Therapies and Supplements in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Nutrition and Supplements play a vital role in healing psychological disorders like ADD/ADHD. We have outlined some best Nutritional Therapies and Supplements for the Treatment of ADD/ADHD.

Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet in the treatment of ADHD/ADD

According to an emerging theory, there is a possible link between Celiac disease and a number of neuropsychiatric disorders, including ADHD.

Proponents note that many people with undiagnosed Celiac disease also exhibit symptoms of ADHD. Furthermore, the symptoms of ADHD fade when these individuals begin a gluten-free diet.

Autism & ADHD Diet - ebook is a Step-by-Step guide to Hope and Healing for ADHD by Living Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) and Other Interventions.

For Hard Copy please click The Autism & ADHD Diet - Paperback

Feingold Diet Program in the treatment of ADHD/ADD

Feingold Diet Program or Feingold therapy is an effective mechanism of managing ADHD/ADD symptoms.

Feingold Diet Program is a food elimination program for managing ADHD symptoms. The Feingold Diet proposes the elimination of food containing artificial colorings, flavorings, and preservatives completely in order to decrease hyperactivity.

Why Your Child Is Hyperactive is the best resource on Feingold Diet which details how artificial food flavors and colors are responsible for ADHD.

Enzyme Therapy for ADHD/ADD

Enzyme therapy is one of the fastest emerging successful alternative therapy for people with ADHD.

Enzyme therapy works by supplementing our diet with the deficient enzymes and there by make our digestive system to work effectively.

Enzymes for Autism and Other Neurological Conditions is the best resource on understanding the root cause of the disorders and supplementing our diet with the required enzymes to address the symptoms effectively through enzyme therapy.

Probiotic Therapy for ADHD/ADD

Gastrointestinal health has a major impact on the mental well-being of a person. It is vital to check for gut problems for children with ADHD as Leaky gut syndrome is very common in children with ADHD.

Probiotic Therapy provides an entire protocol involved in treating gut problems related to ADHD. Treatment of leaky gut syndrome through Probiotic Therapy could considerably reduce ADHD symptoms.

How can Fatty acids help in the treatment of ADHD/ADD

Omega-3 fatty acids are highly effective in treating children with ADD/ADHD. Studies show that children with ADHD are Omega-3 deficient and also the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid is lower in autistic children. If the level of omega-6 fatty acids is much higher than the level of omega-3 fatty acid there can be negative effects on cognition, mood, and behavior.

In order to compensate the fatty acid deficiency omega 3 fatty acid rich diet and supplements should be given.

Can Iron Supplementation help in the treatment of ADHD/ADD?

Research shows that it is logical to evaluate children suffering from ADHD/ADD, or with cognitive skill deficit for iron deficiency or anemia.

Iron deficiency, with or without anaemia, can impair cognition and affect and is associated with developmental slowing in infants and mood changes and poor concentration in children.

Iron deficiency should be compensated with proper diet and supplementation.

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