Research shows that using mind-body therapies and bodywork in combination with psychotherapy can be beneficial to patients who experience depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Lets look at some of the mind body therapies used for the treatment of ADHD.

Can yoga be used as adjunctive therapy for ADHD treatment?

Yoga exercise has been found to be a feasible school intervention for children with emotional and behavioural disorders and can be effective in ameliorating the symptoms that also pervasively occur in children with ADHD, such as inattention and bad adaptive skills in class.

Studies suggest that alternative therapies such as yoga exercises can be complementary to behavioral interventions for children with attention and inhibition problems.

Findings in another study are in accordance with previous studies demonstrating that yoga exercise can be utilized as an alternative treatment for children with ADHD to reduce attention and inhibition problems.

Addressing Autism Spectrum Disorder through Yoga as a Complementary Therapy yoga is an experiential science (Anubuthi Shastra) which can be used as a supplemental therapy for ASD.

Schools and parents of children with ADHD should consider alternatives for maximizing the opportunities that children with ADHD can engage in structured yoga exercises.

How can mudra therapy help in controlling ADHD symptoms?

Mudra Therapy is beneficial for ADHD patients when combined with yoga.

Mudra is performed with hands and fingers to seals and direct energy through the body. Mudras are best when combined with yoga or meditation but can be practiced along with day to day activities like
sitting, talking, walking or even while waiting in a queue.

Mudras beneficial for people with ADHD are gyan mudra, prana mudra.

Bhujangini Mudra and Brahma Mudra, working with breath and sound vibration induces a sense of relaxation and reinvigorates the head and neck region reducing stress. Hasta Mudras and Kaya Mudras (Yoga Mudra, Manduka Mudra) helps drive away depression, bringing out a sense of joy and happiness. Avoid Oli Mudras, due to their powerful influence on the gonadal and other endocrine glands.

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How can meditation based trainings help in the treatment of ADHD?

Meditation is a technique of training that has shown a wide spectrum of improvement in cognitive processes and self-regulation abilities.

Meditation based training is belived to produce lasting changes in brain and cognitive functions. This technique of mental training exhibits neuroplasticity in the attentional networks, exhibiting superior performance, especially in the domain of attention and executive control processing, which is impaired in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Meditation-Based Training – A Possible Intervention for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder the research on meditation-based training and its effects suggests that meditation may enhance certain attentional capabilities.

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