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Mind Body Therapies in the Treatment of ADD/ADHD

Practice of Mind Body Therapies provide the best possible solutions in healing psychological disorders like ADD/ADHD.

We have outlined some bestMind Body Practices for the Treatment of ADD/ADHD. You can start using this as complements along with your current treatments initially, and depending on the results you can switch to the best option.

Mudra Therapy for ADHD/ADD

Mudra Therapy is beneficial for ADHD patients. Mudra is performed with hands and fingers to seals and direct energy through the body.

Mudras are best when combined with yoga or meditation but can be practiced along with day to day activities like sitting, talking, walking or even while waiting in a queue.

Mudra Therapy is beneficial for people with ADHD in gaining focus. Mudras beneficial for people with ADHD are gyan mudra, prana mudra. These mudras can provide some instant relief even if practiced for as little as 15 minutes a day.

Mudras: Yogs in Your Hands shows how mudra therapy techniques can prevent illness, relieve stress, and heal emotional problems.

Yoga Therapy For ADHD

Yoga therapy can be a hugely rewarding approach for children with a wide range of special needs.

Simple yoga poses and exercises can provide rewarding benefits for the children with learning disorders.

Yoga promotes relaxation, flexibility, strength, coordination and body-awareness in children.

Meditation For ADHD

Meditation can help children struggling with ADHD to a large extent. Meditation can improve ADHD symptoms considerably.

Children can sleep better and anxiety gets reduced. They can concentrate better and have less conflict at school.

A daily meditation schedule can enable them to reduce the dosage of medication as well.

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