Healing touch therapies, like Reiki, are ancient practices which are widely in use today.

Those who receive Reiki treatments report relief of symptoms from numerous health challenges, including mental health issues. Research shows that reiki primarily helps in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relief of chronic pain — the last of which can bring on anxiety and depression, or make episodes worse.

Lets look at some of the energy healing therapies used for improving ADHD symptoms.

How can Pranic Healing help in the treatment of ADHD?

Pranic Healing is effective in healing psychological disorders like ADHD. Pranic healing heals ADHD at the energy body level, by cleansing the effected chakras in the energy body thoroughly and by energising and normalizing them. Crown chakra, ajna chakra,forehead chakra, backhead minor chakra, throat chakra, jaw minor chakras and temple minor chakras, the front and back solar plexus chakra, the front and back heart chakra need to be cleansed and energized regularly for treating ADHD through pranic healing.

Effectiveness of Pranic Healing on Mental Health : The study observed that pranic healing therapy has a significant positive effect on mental health.

Can Reiki help in improving ADHD treatment outcomes?

Reiki helps to heal the disorder by balancing the subtle energies within our bodies by using the universal life energy. Reiki helps to quieten the mind and guides in finding direction and clarity in one’s life.

Reiki practitioners administer the life force energy into the patients body by laying hands over the body and directing the energy to heal/normalize the deficiencies. Reiki works on all levels of the body mental, emotional as well as physical and the body will be able to use the energy to find balance in its own way. Changes may come gradually. Often, it would be a wise choice for a parent to be trained in Reiki so the child can receive daily Reiki.

In a 2010 article, Reiki was reported to be a tool that was used in a treatment program for individuals with a diagnosis of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol and drug abuse, or developmental disabilities, all of which experienced anxiety in some way.

How can SuperBrain yoga help in alleviating ADHD symptoms?

Practice of Superbrain Yoga(SBY) reduces ADHD symptoms drastically by balancing both the left and right brains.

SBY is based on the principle of ear acupuncture and subtle energy movement in the body. SBY enhances the qualitative and quantitative pranic energy in the brain.

The effectiveness of superbrain yoga on concentration, memory and confidence in school students Students reported that their memory has improved by 75.9 % and concentration by 70.5 %. Thus, SBY has improved the overall performance of students in the school.

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