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How does electromagentic frequencies present in our living environment contribute to ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Our living and working environments are polluted with unhealthy levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF). Most of us can't see or feel EMR, but it is all around us.

We all are exposed to electromagnetic radiations continuously through the environment we live in through various sources, which affect each of us differently. There are various studies showing steep increase in ADHD with electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Case study about the relation between increase in ADHD and electromagnetic radiation exposure can be found @ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17178585.

What are electromagnetic radiations?

Electromagnetic radiation is the energy that is propagated through free space or through a material medium in the form of electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, visible light, and gamma rays. The term also refers to the emission and transmission of such radiant energy.

How are electromagnetic fields effecting our health?

Exposure to electromagnetic fields or radiations lead to a group of symptoms called Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Certain individuals experience a variety of health symptoms, which they attribute to exposure to electric or magnetic fields from sources such as power lines, household appliances, visual display units (VDUs), light sources, mobile telephones and mobile phone base stations.

Some individuals are so severely afflicted that they cease work and change their entire lifestyle, or take exceptional measures such as sleeping under aluminum blankets.

What are EHS symptoms?

The list of symptoms reported by electromagnetically hypersensitive individuals in the decreasing order of frequency of the symptoms are:

* Nervous system symptoms (e.g. fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances)

* Skin symptoms (e.g. facial prickling, burning sensations, rashes)

* Various body symptoms (e.g. pain and ache in muscles)

* Eye symptoms (e.g. burning sensations).

* Various less common symptoms, including ear, nose, and throat symptoms, digestive disorders.

What are the sources of electromagnetic radiations?

The various sources of electromagnetic radiations are:

* High-voltage electrical transmission lines.

* Electric appliances.

* Electronic devices.

* Wireless devices like cell phones, cordless phones.

* Wireless Internet connections (Wi-Fi).

How to diagnose EHS?

EHS can be a disabling problem for the affected individual. EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure. Further, EHS is not a medical diagnosis, nor is it clear that it represents a single medical problem.

The criteria for the positive diagnosis of this syndrome is first to check what the patient says. The appearance of syndromes when they are close to an electromagnetic field source, and the disappearance of symptoms when they are not close to these electromagnetic field sources. What is very important is to avoid any classical pathology in such patients; that’s very relative.

Are EMR More Dangerous Than We Think?

A little known fact about the electronic devices we use is that the radio frequency electromagnetic fields they generate are classified as Class 2B Carcinogens by the World Health Organization. New analysis by researchers contends that children are particularly susceptible to this type of radiation.

What is electromagnetic spectrum composed of?

One end of the electromagnetic spectrum is composed of high-energy radiation, like gamma radiation and other ionizing radiation used in X-rays and cat scans. On the other end of this continuous spectrum is lower energy radiation, including ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, and radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF/EMF).

Each of these lower energy wavelengths can have significant effects on biological tissues at higher intensities. An assumption we make in our daily lives is that lower intensity forms of RF/EMF — like those generated by radios, televisions, cellphones, and Wi-Fi devices — do not have the same carcinogenetic effects.

What is the rate at which children absorb microwave radiations when compared to adults?

Among other things, they determined that the absorption of microwave radiation (MWR) is about two times greater in children than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent and have less dense bone. For the bone marrow, certain studies put the absorption rate even higher — at about 2.5 times greater than adults.

Which indirect information on the user manuals of electronic devices do you ignore?

An indirect confirmation that there may be a risk can be found in the owner’s manuals for many electronic devices, according to the study. For example, the Blackberry Torch 9800 Smart Phone cautions users to keep it at least 25 mm from the body, especially the lower abdomen.

The iPhone 5 manual recommends the use of hands-free options to reduce exposures, and states that the device should be carried at least 10 mm from the body to stay below recommended exposure limits.

Can EMF exposure be responsible for the onset of ADD and ADHD?

Recent research has indicated there may be a link between exposure to EMF pollution and the onset of ADD and ADHD. Making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of EMF pollution in the home may limit and even eradicate symptoms of ADHD observed in both children and adults.

At least thirty studies link ADD; poor concentration, lapses in (working) memory; difficulty learning; and slow reaction time with EMFs.

How does dirty electricity effect teachers and student behavior in class room?

Some studies showed that power quality affects teacher well being and student behavior. It was shown that a reduction dirty electricity lead to a decrease in concentration issues, fuzzy thinking and agitation in teachers – all symptoms associated with ADD/ ADHD. Children’s behaviors and concentration also improved.

Research suggests that dirty electricity in classrooms may interfere with student learning as well as teacher well-being and performance. More specifically, students participated more actively in class, were more focused and responsive, and had fewer health complaints. Teachers spent less time dealing with disruptions, repeating instructions, and starting new lessons. In addition, many teachers reported feeling less frustrated, tired, and irritable.

How is human body effected by EMF?

In recent years, independent research has given us ample proof that EMFs cause considerable damage to our immune systems, nervous systems, DNA and cells. Correlations have been made between EMF exposure and many serious diseases, including ADHD, autism and asthma.

Children are especially vulnerable to EMF exposure. Their nervous systems and brains are still developing, so health issues can become serious early on.

What are the effects of prenatal and postnatal cellphone exposure on the child?

A study found that children with the most prenatal and postnatal cell phone exposure displayed the most behavioral problems. In fact, they were 80% more likely to have emotional problems, conduct problems, hyperactivity or problems with peers than those in the control group.

Which symptoms related to ADHD can Electromagnetic sensitivity trigger?

Electromagnetic exposure and Electromagnetic sensitivity has increased dramatically and the symptoms of Electromagnetic sensitivity are essentially the same as those for ADHD.

Both include:

* Impaired concentration

* Loss of short term memory

* Anxiety

* Behavioral problems

* Sleep disturbances

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