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ADHD Self Help Resources

We have listed some excellent ADD/ADHD self help books.

ADHD Self Help Books for Adults

You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy? is a classic Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. It focuses on the experiences of adults, offering updated information, practical how-tos and moral support to help readers deal with ADD. It also explains the diagnostic process that distinguishes ADD symptoms from normal lapses in memory, lack of concentration or impulsive behavior.

A Bird's-Eye View of Life with ADD and ADHD is a practical advice on the struggles with ADD/ADHD from the survivors. It speaks about the common challenges of these disorders like disorganization, impulsivity, inattention, procrastination.

A.D.D. and Success recounts the experiences of adults living successfully with attention deficit disorder. Acclaimed A.D.D. expert Dr. Lynn Weiss tells the stories of 15 individuals who have learned to incorporate A.D.D. attributes positively into their lives and triumph.

ADHD Self Help Resources for Children

Cory Stories is a Kid's Book About Living With Adhd. This book describes what it's like to have ADHD and how it affects a childs relationships with friends and family, school performance and overall functioning. The best self help books on ADHD for children

All Dogs Have ADHD gives encouragement and reassurance to a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD and the light-hearted insights into the condition would be helpful for parents and siblings as well.

ADHD Self Help Resources for Women

Women With Attention Deficit Disorder explores treatment and counseling options, and uses real-life case histories to examine the special challenges women with ADD and ADHD face, such as the shame of not fulfilling societal expectations. This book is a must read for any women who either suspects or knows they or a female loved-one may be adhd/add.

ADHD Self Help Resources for College Students

Survival Guide for College Students With ADHD or LD lists the strategies for college students on managing time, using day planners, improving memory, becoming an active learner, organizing study spaces, overcoming procrastination.

College Confidence with ADD is an ultimate success manual for ADD Students, from Applying to Academics, Preparation to Social Success and Everything Else You Need to Know.

Success in College and Career with Attention Deficit Disorders DVD provides practical information on how to achieve success in college by appropriate school selection, using resources available on campus, communicating with instructors, and developing effective study strategies. It focuses on how to make good career decisions with ADD keeping in view relevant trends in the workplace today and their consequences, steps needed to assess one's strengths and challenges, and coaching of individuals to reach and maintain their goals.

Resources on ADHD and Money Management

ADD and Your Money is a guide to personal finance for adults With Attention Deficit Disorder. This is the first ever book devoted to the impact of adult ADD on one’s financial life, the authors have done a masterful job of both providing a review of the most common problem areas adults with ADD are likely to experience as well as a richly detailed set of recommendations for how best to try and resolve those problems. The book will be of tremendous benefit to not only adults with ADD, but their spouses/partners, parents or other family members.

Resources on improving Organizational Skills for ADHD

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life offers organizing advice that ranges from self-help to utilizing the help of non-professionals, to using professional assistance. Thus it permits the reader to decide where they are at personally in the organizing process, and what level of support will be most beneficial to their unique situation.

The Disorganized Mind is for Coaching the ADHD Brain to Take Control of Time, Tasks, and Talents.

Resources to aid in Gaining Focus

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life is a brain based approach for controlling anxiety, depression, excessive worrying, anger, and distraction by changing our brain.

Fidget to Focus provides groundbreaking ideas , based on the personal experiences of hundreds of people and recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, will change the way you live with this disorder. Fidget to Focus is a guide to keeping your brain engaged and focused with tools and techniques available to you at any time.

Resources for Success in Business with ADHD

ADHD Secrets of Success is an excellent guide on coaching yourself to fulfillment in the Business World. This resource will help ADHDers understand and overcome the symptoms of their condition that may hold them back, and take advantage of the traits marking them for success. This book provides practical techniques for overcoming forgetfulness, reaching goals, and countering procrastination. Harness ADHD symptoms to inspire new ways of problem solving.

Resources about the Spiritual and Moral Challenges faced by ADHD

Impulse a Handbook for the Moral and Spiritual Challenges of ADHD. This is a ground-breaking handbook for those of us who want and need to hear from professionals who understand the challenges faced by children and adults in religious environments.

Books for guidance on Optimizing ADHD Treatment

Optimizing ADHD Treatment throws insight on the most common comorbid disorders that co-exist with ADHD, their association, effects and impact on the treatment planning so as to optimize the treatment.

Best Resources