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ADHD Co-exisiting Disorders

Often with ADHD, presence of overlapping symptoms can make it difficult to get a correct diagnosis, which adds to the complexity of effective treatment. Accurate diagnosis by a skilled clinician is important, because treatment can only be as good as the diagnosis on which it is based. The clinician must discern whether a symptom belongs to ADHD, to another disorder, or to both simultaneously. We should ask our clinician about the possibility of coexisting disorders.

Is compulsive eating linked to ADHD

Most of the ADHD sufferers have high rate of compulsive overeating and obesity than the general population. According to a new study the risk of compulsive overeating is five times greater for ADHD.

Previous studies have also found that children and adults with ADHD are significantly more likely to be overweight. As ADHD is about the difficulties in processing information. That would extend to bodily sensations, which may be misunderstood as hunger pangs by those with ADHD. Parents should firstly identify the influence of ADHD on the child. If children with ADHD overeat or begin to gain weight, we shoul dig deeper into their ADHD and find out the root cause. One should cultivate mindful eating habit in such children so that the child doesnt end up obese.

How to Optimize ADHD Treatment?

ADHD treatment can be optimized only when we understand all the co-existing disorders, their association, effect and impact on the treatment.

Optimizing ADHD Treatment throws insight on the most common comorbid disorders that co-exist with ADHD, their association, effects and impact on the treatment planning so as to optimize the treatment.

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