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Best Resources on Career Advice For Adults with ADHD/ADD

List of the best books on Career Advice For Adults with ADHD for Family Members/Parents/Care givers .

Choosing a Career with ADHD

Finding a Career That Works for You provides a systematic plan to help both high school and college students as well as adults with the challenge of finding a career. A 20-step plan for this decision-making process includes identifying interests, understanding changes in the current labour market, recognising accomplishments, sorting out personality factors, and taking charge of special challenges such as learning disabilities and ADHD.

Planning a Career with ADHD

Learning a Living is the best guide to planning career and finding a job for people with ADHD. This book discusses everything you need to know in order to find a job that uses your strengths and minimises the effects of your disability. This comprehensive book addresses career issues for high schoolers, college students, and adults with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and attention deficit disorder. Brimming with ideas, this book emphasises self awareness, a positive attitude, research, and enlisting the help of others as the keys to success.

Challenges at work with ADD

A.D.D. on the Job suggests advantages that the A.D.D. worker possesses, how to find the right job, and how to keep it. Employers and coworkers will learn what to expect from a fellow worker with A.D.D. and the most effective ways to work with them.
The Attention Deficit Workplace provides winning strategies for success in today's fast paced business environment. This book will help you to avoid common mistakes that lead to unproductive behavior.

Executive Functions Workbook for ADHD

Understand Your Brain, Get More Done provides effective strategies for combating problems related to inattention, procrastination, disorganization, mismanagement of time, and poor planning.

Guide on Business Success with ADHD

ADHD Secrets of Success is an excellent guide on coaching yourself to fulfillment in the Business World. This resource will help ADHDers understand and overcome the symptoms of their condition that may hold them back, and take advantage of the traits marking them for success. This book provides practical techniques for overcoming forgetfulness, reaching goals, and countering procrastination. Harness ADHD symptoms to inspire new ways of problem solving.

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